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Table Setting For Lunch

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Lunch TableWhen you learn on the tricks on table setting for lunch, then you can confidently throw a luncheon party at your place. Most of the cases, the lunch is considered to be a less formal occasion than a dinner.  Keeping this fact in mind, you don’t require being very strict in following rules for a lunch table setting, as it is for setting a dinner table. To setup a lunch table you have the liberty to experiment with colors, patterns and dinnerware. Here is a simple guideline to make you feel comfortable with the task of lunch table setting.


Simple Guideline to Setup Lunch Table

Lunch Table DecorationBright Sunflowers

As it has been mentioned earlier, you can prove your innovativeness to decorate the lunch table with a touch of sophistication. If you wish, you may choose bright and bold patterns to select the table cloth and placemats to brighten up the mid-day mood. In case of flat colors, select shades with a bright hue. To talk about the centerpiece, you may choose the normal flower arrangements or any creative piece of art. Candles are usually not used for lunch, so the candle holders will not be a suitable choice for centerpiece.


Lunch Table Items

For setting the lunch table, you will need quite a few table items including china set, cutleries and napkin. Starting with the china set, choose the pattern or color in contrast with the decoration. If you are using dark colors to decorate the table then stress on light shades for the crockery set and vice versa. A formal lunch table will require clean and dazzling sterling silver cutleries. However, the informal lunch occasions can be managed with usual steel version. The napkins can have matching pattern or color with the table cloth and place mats, or it can be completely in contrast to the shade. Now we will see; what are the table-items required to setup table for lunch.

  • Dinnerware – Luncheon plate, bread and butter plate and soup bowl.
  • Flatware – Luncheon fork, Luncheon knife, Soup spoon, Butter spreader and teaspoon.
  • Glassware – Water glass and wine glass.


Rules on Table Setting for Lunch

  • Step 1 – To start the lunch table setting, first place the luncheon plate on the placemat. Place the soup bowl on top of the luncheon table, if you are serving soup.
  • Step 2 – On the right side of the luncheon plate, place the luncheon knife, teaspoon and soup spoon respectively, starting from the left side.
  • Step 3 – On the left side of the luncheon plate, place the luncheon fork. To the left of luncheon fork, place the napkin by folding in quarter.
  • Step 4 – Make another row on top, starting with bread and butter plate on the leftmost corner. Place the butter spreader across the plate.
  • Step 5 – On the rightmost corner of the top row, sequentially place the water glass and the wine glass, starting from the left side.


Now your lunch table is ready for serving food and welcoming the guests and serving food to them. These easy tips on table setting for lunch will surely help you to reduce the complication by half.


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Table Setting For Lunch