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Table Setting For Buffet

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Buffet TableMany of us might think that table setting for buffet is much easier than setting the table for normal dinner. One way it might be right, as you don’t have to remember so many do’s and don’ts, like you do for any formal dinner table setting. But, on the other hand, it is very critical to manage a whole lot of things including tableware, cutleries, foods and beverages in a single place. So, here is a step-by-step guideline on buffet table setting, which will help you to manage the situation quite confidently and easily.


Table Setting Guide for Buffet

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Before you start setting up the buffet table, you should give a serious thought on decoration. Buffet table, usually being a large piece of furniture, cannot be kept without any decorative piece. At the same time, you cannot keep many decorative pieces on the table, as the table will get too clumsy. But before that a clean and properly ironed table cloth is most essential requirement. Next, you should think of a nice center piece, which suits with the table size. If your buffet table is comparatively big then the center piece should also be big enough. Generally a big sized flower bouquet or one piece of multiple-candle stand or any eatable fruit or vegetable centerpiece is the most preferred choice for decoration of buffet table.


Buffet Table Items

There are a whole lot of items to keep on your buffet table including the food. So, before you actually start buffet table setting, you should collect all those items. Here is a list of items you will require to set the table for buffet.

  • Glass – Water glasses.
  • Plate – Dinner plates and Dessert plates.
  • Bowl – Soup bowls and plates.
  • Knife – Butter knife or spreader and Dinner knife.
  • Fork – Dinner fork and Dessert fork.
  • Spoon – Soup spoon and Dessert spoon.
  • Utensils and Serving spoons – in different sizes, depending on the variety of food.

It is preferable to use the dinner plates in same pattern. However, if it is not possible to arrange plates in same pattern, then at least the design or color combination should match with everything. This will also be applicable for the cutleries.


Rules for Buffet Table Setting

  • Step 1 – Stack the dinner plates at the starting point of the buffet table. If serving soup, then soup bowls and soup spoons should also be placed just beside the plate stack. However, sometime soup bowls and spoons are also placed beside the soup container, for easy pouring of soup.
  • Step 2 – Next put the food utensils one after another by following the sequence - side dishes, main dish, veggies, salad assortments, bread basket and other relishes. Place the butter plate with butter spreader just following the bread basket.
  • Step 3 – Place the bunch of dinner forks and dinner knives just beside the plates, along with the napkins. You can also loosely tie a pair of knife and fork with napkin, to give a special look.
  • Step 4 - Use another small table to serve drinks and beverages. Place the glasses inverted on a big tray. 
  • Step 5 – Another corner table should be used for serving dessert. Here the dessert plates should be stacked on the side. The bunch of dessert forks and spoons should be placed just beside the forks. At the middle of the table, place the desserts accompanied with serving spoons.


Follow this simple guideline of table setting for buffet to make it a special occasion and to earn appreciation from all of your guests.



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Table Setting For Buffet