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Table Setting For Dinner

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548219-proper-table-setting-for-dinner-is-essential-for-any-formal-dinner.imagesqtbnand9gcqufdny-lj2rnj0ehlsmebserzith0cydlm6txnjmqflfeoxtkniqt1Table setting for dinner – is one of the most important aspects of arranging a dinner party at your place. Particularly, if you are hosting a formal dinner occasion, then it is very much essential to learn about the method of dinner table setting. Even for an informal celebration, if you set up the dinner table accordingly, it will definitely enlighten the environment to a large extent.


Methods of Table Setting for Formal Dinner


Important Cutleries for Table Setting


Before going to the details of dinner table setting, you must learn about the important cutleries to use during the occasion. In case, you are missing any of them in your stock, then you must arrange to have that particular item. For formal dinner occasion, you should always use best China dinner set with elegant looking stemware and sterling silver flatware. Here is a list of essential cutleries for setting up the dinner table.


  • Glass – Water glass, wine glass and liqueur glass
  • Cup – coffee cup on saucer with Coffee spoon
  • Plate – Bread and Butter Plate, Service plate, Dinner plate and Dessert plate
  • Bowl – Soup bowl on plate
  • Knife – Butter knife or spreader and Dinner knife
  • Fork – Salad fork, Dinner fork, Fish fork and Dessert Fork
  • Spoon – Soup spoon and Dessert spoon


Decorating the Table


Once you collect all the important cutleries, you should concentrate on decorating the table. Your choice of tablemat, placemats and napkins – all these together play a major role in setting the mood for the occasion. So, you have to choose something elegant and sophisticated to fit into the ambience. Single flower stands, crystal or fine bone-china salt and pepper shakers and candle holders can be placed on the table to make it look more gorgeous.


Final Steps for Dinner Table Setting


Here is a step by step direction for placing the cutleries in proper order.


  • Step 1 – Place the Service plate on the placemat with the soup or salad bowl on top. This service plate can be used as a dinner plate, but for more formal look, substitute the service plate with a dinner plate just before starting the main course of meal.
  • Step 2 – On the right of the Service plate, place Dinner knifDinner Table Settinge, Soup spoon and Salad fork respectively, starting from the leftmost point.
  • Step 3 – On the left side of the Service plate, place the Dinner fork and Fish fork respectively, starting from the rightmost point.
  • Step 4 – Prepare a top row starting with the leftmost position on top of the forks. Place the Bread and butter plate at this position by keeping the Butter knife or spreader across the plate.
  • Step 5 – Place the Dessert fork and Dessert Spoon just above the Service plate, in the middle of the top row. Place the Dessert fork and spoon horizontally.
  • Step 6 – At the rightmost position of the top row, place the glasses, starting with Water glass, Wine glass and Liqueur glass. You can also place the glasses in a triangular pattern.
  • Step 7 – In case, you are serving coffee, then place the coffee cup and saucer with teaspoon, on the rightmost position of the setting.
  • Step 8 – Finally place the napkin on the rightmost position of the table setting.


With all the above guidelines of table setting for dinner, don’t forget to use your creativity for giving a unique and personal touch to the party.


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Table Setting For Dinner