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How to serve crab

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Serving crab with seafood butterIf you know how to serve crab in more than one style, it will bring about a great variation in the dishes you prepare, not only in their looks but also in their taste. Crab legs and crab meat are one of the most preferred delicacies served at homes and in hotels and restaurants. Here are a few ways to serve crab.



Butter: Types of butter to be served

If you serve crab legs, you have to serve them with butter, because nothing can taste as delicious as butter. The main reason for serving with butter is that crab meat blends very well with the rich texture of butter. There are many different types of butter which are served with crab legs and hence when you choose to choose to serve butter with crab legs, you need to choose the flavor of the butter cautiously, so that it enriches the taste of crab legs. You need to remember that butter should be chosen and not margarine.


Seafood butter:

  • Buy seafood butter from your local grocery store and just sprinkle it over crab meat generously before serving. This is actually clarified butter which is quite stable and can be stored for use later on.


Clarified Butter:

  • Serve crab meat with homemade clarified butter. You can cook crab meat with this butter or simply serve it in a bowl, along with crab meat and legs. The butter is normally used as a dip in such a case.
  • The butter is normally melted in a saucepan and then cooled slightly, so that the solids settle down easily to the bottom of the pan.
  • Crab meat can then be added and tossed a little in the pan, before serving.
  • The clear liquid can be easily spooned off. This is one of the easiest ways to serve crab.



  • This is an American butter which has high butterfat content and is low in water content, than other types of butter which are available. Crab can be cooked in plugra, which enhances its taste.
  • Plugra can also be used as a dip while serving crab, but it makes any crab dish extremely rich, though very tasty.


Irish butter:

  • If you wish to serve crab with Irish butter, you just need to toss crab in this butter before serving, to enhance its freshness. It makes the crab sweet and compliments any other dish with which it is served.How to serve crabs with Irish butter


Lemon Butter:

  • To serve crab with lemon butter you will just need to brown the butter little bit and whisk it before you add crab meat.
  • Add some lemon juice to this butter before serving crab legs.


Beaurre Blanc:

Crab can be served with butter sauce which can be prepared at home with white wine, vinegar, butter and shallot. You will just need to simmer butter and reduce it, to get a creamy and sweet buttery sauce. This is a great alternative which can be served with crab. 


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How To Serve Crab