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Flax Calories

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Flax SeedsFlax seeds are wonderful source of polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats, which are healthy fats. The flax calories can thus be deemed to be a complete organic health package, which has very high demand for weight watchers. Flax seeds are nourishing, and fulfilling, due to nice fiber content in them. The other common name referred for flax seeds is linseed. The best part is that, this is one of the edible seeds varieties which contain equal proportion of both omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. This makes it one step ahead from other edible oil seeds, in providing the omega-6 nourishment.  Generally eaten as mixed salad dish with pumpkin seeds, they offer you essential vitamins and mineral for an entire day out. Let us have some real flax talk with closer view on calories.


Flax Calories

Flax is known to contain 14 gram s of omega-3 fatty acid per 100 grams of serving. That is impressive scale of healthy fat, as this makes it an essential diet for both healthy individuals, and heart patients.


Calories in Flax bread

Weight conscious people can quench their curiosity by viewing the calories label when on buying spree of flax bread.

A single slice of flax bread can contain 110 kcal. Out of this total fat content is 6 percent, total carbohydrate content is 8 percent, and total protein content is 13 percent. It also has sodium content of 7 percent.


Calories in Flax seeds

Flax seeds are indeed good for lowering blod sugar, and are incorporated as salad, and stir fry dishes. One also makes deliberate usage of flax seeds to remove constipation.

100 grams of serving shall yield 534 calories.

1 full cup can give you 897 calories.

1 whole tablespoon can give 55 calories.

1 tablespoon grounded can give 37 calories.


Calories in Flax seed oil

Flax Seed Oil100 grams of flax seed oil can give you 884 calories.

Serving calories for 1 cup goes up to 1900 calories.


Calories in Flax meal

Flax meal is important part of many breakfast meals, and serves good purpose of providing proteins, and dietary fibers.

1 serving of flax meal which is equal to two tablespoons, can give 70 calories.

Out of this, fat content provides8 percent of calories, carbohydrates provides 2 percent of calories, and protein provides3 grams of calories. Calories from dietary fiber are 4 grams.

This was the complete fact file on flax calories which has loads of essentially required nutrients to keep you healthy, wealthy, and accomplished.


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Flax Calories