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Mung Beans Calories

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Mung beans calories are heavily stuffed with whopping amount of proteins, and fibers. Mung beans are bright green skinned color leguminous seeds, which has some extra benefits from legumes. They are non allergic to many people, and also do not cause bloating or flatulence in stomach. In ayurveda, mung beans are held high in esteem, due to its wonderful health promoting ingredients. It is also one of the prerequisite diet for sick, and people with digestive ailments, also, it is the first recommended food for people who have just recuperated from surgery or illness. In India, there are umpteen number of ways in which mung beans are prepared, it makes a good , and delicious soup, curry, spicy stew, can be used as salad, made into sandwich stuffing, can be grounded into flour, or turned into hearty crepes. The ways of consuming it can be either having in raw, sprouted form, or get it cooked in pressure cooker.


Mung Beans Calories

It is akin to other protein, and fiber diet. It is extremely high in fiber, which a very low in fat or carbohydrates. It being a high fiber diet, one can incorporate it in weight loss plans, and as slimming diet. Mung beans are good for diabetics, and high blood sugar patients. It keeps the sugar level stable, and thus has very low glycemic index.

One full cup of boiled beans tends to provide you with 60% of fiber content, which is again 15 gm of total calories. When talking of calories from fat, mung beans are scarce in fat calories content, with only six grams coming from total calories. Only 4 grams of sugar content fill the whole stuff of mung calories.

In 1 cup of serving, you get 31 total calories, in which total fat content is 0.2gm  and total carbohydrate is 6.3 gm, protein and dietary fiber is 10 gm.


Calories in Sprouted Mung Beans

In 1 complete serving, you get 30 calories, out of which 22 calories come from fiber, and carbohydrates, and 8 calories come from protein, with only 1 calorie from sugar, and fat content.

Also the glycemic index of mung beans is just 31, which is very good for maintain less sugar in our blood. It is a recommended diet for diabetic people.

Other important nutrients which serve as calorie store are riboflavin, vitamin, C, vitamin, K, folate, pantothenic acid, manganese, and selenium.

These were some of the calories talk for mung beans, and prove it to be the best fiber diet.

Now when you are through about Mmung bean calories, you should not forget to include this healthy legumes in your weekly diet menu for availaing umpteen health benefits.

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Mung Beans Calories