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Walnut Calories

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Walnut CaloriesWalnuts are one of the most prized nuts with host of health promoting factors. Calories in walnuts are the high take on healthy fats, proteins, fiber, and nice dose of vitamins.  Walnuts are perhaps the healthiest nut, when it comes to counting calories for your healthy lifestyle approach. Single ounce of walnuts, which may constitute about 10 to 14 nuts, is highly recommended nutty dose for people with heart ailments.  This nut which is the member of tree nut family is widely appreciated for its rich and naturally creamy flavor. Broadly speaking, walnut is naturally available in two forms, namely English type, and black Mediterranean type. It can be eaten raw without shell, and can be included with dairy product, or can go well as nutritive accompaniments in sweet dish, baked items, and cookies. So let us get deep into some walnut talk to admire the health benefits it offers.


Walnut Calories in Detail

1 oz or 28.35gm of walnut halves can fortify you with 190 calories. The calorie breakdown demonstrates the total input of 4gm of protein, and about 24gm of fat component. The fat component comprises essentially of polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fat, in almost equilibrium. Alpha linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acid, selenium, and magnesium all come wrapped up in this nutty delight.

Rich nutritive profile of walnuts suggests that it is unusually high in phenol, gamma tocopherol which is commonly referred as Vitamin E, also packed up with good dose of ellagic acid, calcium, and tissue regenerating antioxidants.

100gm  walnut will serve you with 84% of fat, 9% of protein, and 8% of carbohydrates.


Calories in Chopped Walnut

Chopped walnut consists of 84%  of healthy fat components, 10%  of protein calories, and 8%  of carbohydrate calories.

Some of the chopped walnut varieties serve 200gm, out of which whopping 20 gm of calories come from fat, 4gm from proteins, and 5gm of protein.


Calories per Nut

Single walnut can serve you with total of 28gm of calories, which splits up into 2.6gm of fats, 0.6gm of carbohydrates, and 0.6gm of protein stuffs.


Calories in English walnut

1 oz or 28.35gm of English walnuts boasts of serving you with 185kcal. In this, you get 4gm of protein caloric measurements, 18 grams of total fat measurements, and around 4gm of carbohydrates entity.


Calories in Black Walnut

In 1 oz or 28.35gm of black walnuts, you are served with 175 kcal. Out of this 26%  is fat calories source,  5% of saturated fat component is included.  Additionally, you will get 1%  of carbohydrate calories, and 7gm of protein calories.

These are some of the healthy nutty facts on walnut calories, which encourage you to go high on a great walnut diet.

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Walnut Calories