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Rye Calories

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Rye is a type of nourishing cereal with gluten content. Rye calories speak volume of the nutrition in the form of proteins, dietary fibers, and bonus supplements of energy boosting vitamins, and essential minerals. When speaking of caloric profile, rye is one step ahead of world`s most staple diet wheat, in that it is low in gluten content, and pretty high in soluble and insoluble fiber content, than wheat. To make you aware of the commercial availability, rye is marketed as four, seeds, flakes which are very similar in appearance to oats, as rye bread, rye berries, or as fermentative constituent of beer, and vodka. Let us get more informed on calories measurement of rye.


Calories in Rye


The most important and eye opening feature which makes rye more nourishing, and prized cereal than wheat, or barley is that, it is always available with bran glued to endosperm. As it is nearly impossible to segregate the rye bran from the endosperm kernel, it tends to demonstrate a better nutritive profile than wheat.


In comparison to wheat, rye has twice more of zinc, iron, fibers, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, calcium, and protein ingredients.


Calories in Whole Grain Uncooked Rye


1 cup of rye provides you with 200 kcal.


100 grams of rye amount to 338kcal of energy. Out of this you can be served with 10.34gm of protein, 14.6gm of dietary fiber supplements, potassium with 510mg, phosphorus with 334mg, and calcium with 24mg.


Calories in Rye bread


As rye flour finds commercial usage in bakery industries, rye bread is popular and widely chosen healthy stuff. Speaking of calories, rye bread provides you when used as sandwiches, and bread rolls, let us knows more.


100 grams of rye bread serves you with 219 calories.


In this, protein calories is 8.3 grams, carbohydrates calories is 46 grams, and fat calories input is 2 grams. Apart from this you also get incorporated with dietary fiber of about 5 grams.


Single serving of rye bread which means 1 slice bread can provide you with 55 calories in total. Out of this, protein calorie input is 2gm, carbohydrate calorie measurement comes up to 12gm, and fat calorie reserves are .5gm.


We can clearly comprehend that rye has approximately 80%  of carbohydrates, 14% of protein, and about 5% of fat in the form of caloric value.


These are some of the rye calories facts which unveil the high nutritive profile of wonder cereal crop.


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Rye Calories