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Chickpeas Calories

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Chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans and these are native to Mediterranean, and Indian subcontinent terrains. Speaking of calories in chickpeas, you can be sure of high protein fulfillment, with surplus dietary supplements. Chick peas have protein and fibers as their main calories source, though it also offers good, molybdenum, folic acid, and magnesium fillers.  Chick pea’s nutrition profile is prominent in high protein, but very low fat, which makes it a good substitute against rich carbohydrate recipes. People like to include chick peas in stews, as sprouts, in fresh salad, as vegetable curry, or to make some other exquisite dishes. Commercially, you can find chickpeas in two dominant varieties; one is the black chickpea and other is more popular variety, which is cream colored, buttery flavored and named as white chickpeas.  Let us delve into the nutrition, and calories in chickpea.

Chickpeas Calories

The calorie talk in chickpeas is not much about fat or unhealthy carbohydrates, but is mainly about the protein, and other dietary supplants. The nutritive sketch confirms that chickpeas are loaded with zinc, dietary fibers which include carbohydrates and protein in abundance.  Chick peas are outstanding source of phytonutrients, which include antioxidants, energy booster as copper, and sulphite scavengers as molybdenum, tissue builder manganese and heart friendly folate.

The heavy source of insoluble fibers amounts to formation of short chain fatty acids, which aids in slow and steady digestion. This is due to low glycemic index of chickpeas, which makes it wonderful diet for blood sugar patients.

Calorie scrutiny in Chickpeas

In mature, boiled, chickpeas, you can expect the calorie count of 164 kcal per 100gm of serving.

Carbohydrate calories source is 28gm, protein calories source is 9gm, and fat calories source is 3gm. On close observation, you get 8gm of dietary insoluble fibers, polyunsaturated fat store of 1.15gm, and mono unsaturated fat storage of .5gm.

Calories in Semi Arid, Tropical Chickpeas

Tropical chickpeas have 24% of proteins, 64% of carbohydrates, which comprises of soluble fibers and fats,but fat content is not more than 5% in it. The  fat which is found in chickpea is healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes them a good candidate for healthy dishes.  They also have reserves of alpha linolenic acids, and omega-3 fatty acids which are ideal supplements for keeping your system healthy and free from obesity.

Chickpeas calories are nothing more than plentiful proteins, fibers, and handful of healthy trace elements. To reap maximum benefits of the body basic supplements, try to get high on chickpea diet.

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Chickpeas Calories