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Pecan Calories

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pecan caloriesPecan calories are one of the world`s healthiest calorie to be acknowledged. If you are looking for nutty, delicious, with negligible unhealthy calorie count, you can bet on pecan. The nuts are native to North America and form  integral part of many pies, cookies, muffins, and puddings. Pecan calories accounts for high fiber, high protein, but very low fat, and almost zero cholesterol. This makes it a healthy, flavorful fulfilling dish for many weight conscious, and heart patients. America as the largest producer of pecans also claims to have the huge fan following for the super food nut. This is one mighty nut which has all the wonderful features of stuffing your body with life promoting nutrients. Let us delve more deep inside the pecan talk, and get the healthy facts out of it.


Pecan Calories

Pecan is heart friendly nut; it removes the free radicals, and plaque causing cholesterol, thereby lowering the risk of coronary disease. Pecan has an impressive nutrition profile which evinces that it is high on antioxidant. Pecan has more than nineteen vitamins and minerals which mostly covers the caloric value. The calories in pecan are loaded with polyunsaturated healthy fats, which also promote high level cholesterol secretion in blood. Apart from this, one complete serving of pecan will provide you with pyridoxine, which is a type of vitamin B6, known to help in damaged tissue repair. Pecan calories also have good dose of photochemical, and gamma tocopherol (Vitamin E derivative).


Pecan Calories in break up

Nutrition in pecan brags of no sodium and high healthy fats constituents. Pecan can be counted among high calorie nut, because of 90% of fat being unsaturated type, and other 10% is monounsaturated type.

1 ounce of pecan nuts is equivalent to 15 whole nuts, and gives you 190 calories, of which 17gm are made of fat content, and around 30% of carbohydrate supplies are covered by this serving.

1 oz or 28.3 grams of pecan halves serves you with total of 196 calories. When observing in segregation, 20.4gm are covered by fat, 3.9gm by carbohydrates, and about 2.5gm by protein stuffs.

1 cup of pecan halves shall benefit you with whopping 746 calories, out of which you get 78gm calories from fat, 15gm calories from carbohydrates, and about 10gm calories from proteins.

1 cup of chopped pecan gives you 822 calories, in which fat is 86 gm, carbohydrates are 16 gm, and protein is not less than 11 gm.

The unfolding of healthy nutty facts about pecan calories is interesting enough for every healthy and unhealthy individual. So next time you happen to binge on roasted pecan pies, or muffins, you can go ahead gleefully satiating your tummy craving.

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Pecan Calories