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How To Clean Alfalfa Sprouts

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The recent salmonella infections have made it mandatory to clean alfalfa sprouts  before using them raw in your salad. It is preferable to eat raw alfalfa sprouts, but clean alfalfa sprouts thoroughly before you eat them. Cleaning alfalfa sprouts will keep the unwanted infections away.


Sprouts, all the varieties, are rich in nutrients because they are naturally obtained from the plants are used raw. The nutrients are not lost in any forms since they are used raw. So, alfalfa sprouts are also good sources of nutrients. Alfalfa sprouts contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It also contains various antioxidants and amino acids like canavanine. These sprouts also contain photochemical which has been proven to be good for human health.


Like the other sprouts, alfalfa sprouts are also not free from the risk of food borne illnesses. The humid and warm conditions under which these sprouts grow offer a fertile scenario for the growth of various bacteria like Escherichia coli, Listeria as well as Salmonella.


Read on to know how you can clean alfalfa sprouts before using it.


What Do You Need


1. Sufficient quantities of alfalfa sprouts

2. One Colander

3. 20 to 30 paper towels


How To Clean Alfalfa Sprouts


Choosing Alfalfa Sprouts


Alfalfa sprouts that you need for your salad should be chosen very carefully. Choose only those sprouts that are fresh and crispy. If you find any sliminess, then choose to avoid such sprouts. Else, you can develop a food infection.


Placing Into Colander


Once you have chosen the good alfalfa sprouts, you need to place them on to the colander. Now, keep the colander under the sink and allow cool water to run all over the alfalfa sprouts. Toss the sprouts using hands. Rinse properly to clean them completely. The process takes just 2 to 3 minutes.


Drain The Excess Water


Now that you have cleaned the sprouts using clean and cool water, drain away all the excessive water. For this, you must sake the colander as fast as possible. Since you are using tap water, the presence of water can trigger infections. That is why draining is very important.


Allow Alfalfa Sprouts To Dry


Once you drain the water completely from the alfalfa sprouts, you need to dry them. Make a thick layer using the paper towels and then spread the drained alfalfa sprouts on the paper towels. Cover the spread sprouts using another thick layer of paper towels and allow them to dry completely. This will prevent the formation of bacteria on the sprouts.


Store It


If you are not using the alfalfa sprouts for immediate use, then you need to store them in the freezer. You can wrap them in a plastic bag or vacuum bag to retain the freshness for few days. The frozen sprouts will have to be thawed before using.


Always remember that it is advisable to clean alfalfa sprouts before eating it raw or cooking them so as to protect your family.


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How To Clean Alfalfa Sprouts