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Lentil Calories

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Mighty lentils are integral part of our daily staple diet. Lentil calories are  low in fat count and carbohydrate, and exceptionally a reliable source of essential protein. Lentils are reputed to comprise about 26%  of protein , with fortified amount of molybdenum, iron, folate, vitamins. Lentil eaters are mostly found in East, and within Indian subcontinent. There could be invariable number of ways and varieties to use lentil as main protein source in your diet. You can cook it, soak it overnight, use it as sprouts, make salads, prepare lentil soup, or make it an indispensable accompaniment to healthy carbohydrate diets.  Commercially, you can find joy in purchasing lentils in other processed forms, like whole, with skin, without skin, split, or flattened. To know more about the lentil calories, let’s take a glance in the following text.


Calories in Lentil

Lentils are cornucopia of iron, rich in Vitamin B1, and B9, carbohydrates, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and copper. Lentils are thus great in helping you maintain a balance between both major and minor trace elements.  Lentils are eaten either soaked or cooked, or steamed. The caloric value may thus vary according to serving, and way of consuming lentils.


Calories in Raw Lentils

Raw lentils are containing high amount of amino acids, such as leucine, and isoleucine. But on being boiled or cooked, lentils tend to lose the amino acid bonding.

100 gm of raw lentils provides 353 kcal. Out of this, fat content is merely 3% , with carbohydrate measure of 38%. The protein calories count goes up to 50 gm per serving.


Calories in Cooked Lentils

Cooked lentils are often the part of a complete protein based diet. They are teamed with steamed rice, or with green veggies to make the whole dish, a super bowl.

1 cup of cooked lentil alone can render you a whopping 230 kcal. On splitting it up, you get 7gm calories from fat, 18gm calories from protein, and 40gm calories from carbohydrates. Dietary fibers provide 15gm of calories, calories from other carbohydrates are around 20gm.

Lentils have a good score of 36 on glycemic scale, given to the fact that it contains more of insoluble fibers, which is slowly digested, to keep our sugar level stable in blood.

Calories in sprouted, Lentils

100 grams of sprouted lentil provides 106 kcal.

1 cup which is equivalent to 77gm provides 82 kcal.

Calories in Red Lentils

1 cup of pink lentils provides you with 662 calories, with calories split up of 5% fat, 70 percent carbohydrate, and 26%  protein.

These are some of the gratifying fact on lentil calories. It is lucid that people looking for high protein diet must strictly adhere to a rich lentil diet.

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Lentil Calories