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Quinoa Calories

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Quinoa CaloriesQuinoa is a pseudo cereal which is akin to leafy vegetables. Quinoa calories display gives you an impressive nutrient profile packed with goodness. Quinoa has been referred as the ancient grain of Incas civilization, and was one of the staple foods along with corn and potato. In appearance it seems to be a close cousin of sesame seeds, due to its flattened kernels.  Indigenous to the mountains of South America, this grain is inventory of countless power packed nutrients. The gold grain as commonly referred by the natives of Southern America, is known to impart boundless stamina, thanks to its magnificent reserve of nine complete proteins. Apart from its gamut of protein range, you get essential amino acids which do the commendable job of tissue growth, and their repair. Quinoa comes in three natural varieties, red, black, and the popular cream colored.



Quinoa Calories Overview


The calories in quinoa are dispersed in the form of starch, oils, sugars, fibers, vitamins, and ample collection of proteins. Quinoa has dearth of fat, and carbohydrate source of calories, which finally shoots it up to the chart of highest priority foods for vegan weight watchers. One of the highly recommended cereal for diabetics, quinoa deserves a good mentioning of the calories it serves.


Quinoa calorie profile speak volumes of its integral protein pool, which is highest than any other grains we eat.  Quinoa has an impressive score of 35 on glycemic scale which makes it an ideal diet for blood sugar patients. The gluten free quinoa measures about 16.2 percent protein, and some of the varieties serve more than 20 percent of complete protein stock. Quinoa is low in fat, has negligible cholesterol, sodium, and is enriched source of folate, and magnesium.


Calories in Uncooked Quinoa


1 cup of uncooked quinoa tantamount to 170 grams. The total calorie count per serving of uncooked quinoa is 626 calories.

 Out of this, 16 percent is fat content, with saturated fat content of 6 percent.

Total carbohydrate content is 109 grams that is 36 percent, with starch as the main source.

Total protein content is 24 grams, with also comprises the amino acid in proportion.


Calories in Cooked Quinoa


Cooked quinoa serves the calories of 166. Cooked versions are more appreciative in terms of calories as mentioned here.

Total fat content is 3 grams.

Total carbohydrate content is 25 grams

Total protein content is 5 grams.


Calories in Black Quinoa


Known for its rich carbohydrate substance, black quinoa leaves are used in making nutritious green salads.

A quarter serving of black quinoa gives 160 to 180 calories. The scarce sodium and miniscule amount of fat, makes it healthy option for all age groups.


Calories in Red Quinoa


Red quinoa is good alternative to pasta, and rice. The nutty flavored red quinoa serves 250 to 350 calories per cup. Individual serving size reduces to half cup which gives 170 calories.


These are some of the golden grain`s nutrition truths. The quinoa calories show an impressive link up of all important nutrient factors.

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Quinoa Calories