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Hazelnut Calories

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Hazelnut calorie is touted to carry good dose of protein, fiber, vitamin, and healthy fat. The hazel nut, or cobnut, or filbert nut is one such member of nut family, which is bestowed with saturated dose of healthy fats. The origin of hazelnut is rooted in ancient culture of Greece and Eurasia.



With almost zero-cholesterol and a good proportion of unsaturated fat, hazelnut is ranked high in nutrition chart. It offers a host of health healing properties and ounce of it daily recommended diet for cancer patients. There are umpteen number of ways in which you can consume the nut, of birch family. People use it in sweet dish preparations, as cappuccino recipe, as chocolate spread, in syrup, as sweetener, nut butters, candies, and delicious desserts. Let us inform ourselves about the calories in different forms of hazelnut.


Calories in Hazelnut


Many scientific researches claim the fact that a handful of hazel nut can keep you healthy without draining you out of stamina for a daylong session. Many people tend to agree to this saying.


Speaking in simpler terms, one single hazel nut is known to contain 8.8 kcal.


When talking of 100 grams of hazelnut serving, you can claim total calories of 628 kcal. The split of calories evinces the carbohydrates, fat, and protein calories facts.


In 1 oz of hazelnut serving you get 180 kcal, out of which 4gm covered by protein, and 17gm constitutes fat. Fat is broken up into polyunsaturated fats, and mono unsaturated fat, with an ounce of saturated fat. Mono unsaturated fat is about 13gm in matter.


Calories in Blanched Hazelnut


Blanched hazelnut is that with their skin stripped off. They are sprinkled on salad, pancakes, and stews.


100 gm of blanched hazelnut can give you 629 kcal. On the other side, 1 oz or 28 grams serves you with 178 kcal.


Calories in Dry Roasted hazelnut


Calories spikes up in roasted hazelnut. in which no salt has been added.


100 grams of dry roasted hazelnut yield 646 kcal.


1 oz will yield 183 kcal in total.


Quarter cup of hazelnut gives you 212 calories, which breaks up into 80%  unsaturated fat, and 9% of protein.


Carbohydrate content in hazelnuts is mostly the fiber which amounts to 3.3 gm. The glycemic index of hazel nut is also very low, because of heavy fiber content.


These were some of the hazelnut calories facts unveiling the nutrition profile of the splendid ancient nut.


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Hazelnut Calories