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Barley Calories

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Barley CaloriesBarley calories is thin in fat, and high in proteins; low in fat, and high again in fiber content, hence we can call barley as the power house of nutrition in all aspects.  Speaking of its originality, barley has almost similar nutrition profile as it is of oats, the major difference lies in gluten content, which is stuffed in barley. Barley is considered the prize winning grain due to extremely high fiber content present in it. This makes barley the healthiest cereal for diabetic and blood sugar patients. Studies confirm that people, who consume barley as daily supplements, can help themselves cough out 30%  of sugar, and cholesterol from their body. Many of the baby food nutrition carry lump sum amount of barley meal. Barley can be either consumed in spelt flour form, milled flour form, as barley flakes to spruce up your stews, casseroles, and soups. So let us have some true barley talk to quench our curiosity with calories count in this oil crop.


Calories in Barley

One quarter of uncooked barley flakes gives you 80kcal. Out of this, .5 gm is fat, 3 grams is fiber, and rest is protein, and essential vitamins, like B class vitamin, and loads of fiber.

The fiber nutrition in barley is stuffed with both kinds of soluble and insoluble fiber. This feature makes barley top the chart of glycolic foods. Insoluble fiber makes barley a very low glycemic index food, which is again a good sign of nutrition. This makes barley excellent source of calories for blood pressure patients, and heart patients.


Calories in Cooked Barley

1 complete cup serving of cooked barley provides 198 kcal. Out of this total fat content is 4.2gm, which is 7%, saturated fat content is 0.9gm, which is 4%t, polyunsaturated fat content is 2gm, and mono unsaturated fat content is 0.5gm. Total carbohydrate corn content is about 135. 2 gm. The dietary fiber content is 31.8 gm. The protein content is 23 gm.

100 gm serving gives you 122gm, 1 oz or 28.3gm of dry barley grain gives you 131 kcal.

1 cup dry barley serves 900 kcal. Barley kernels also provide 10% of calcium, and 12% of iron.

You can thus squeeze the maximum benefit from barley calories by replacing it with wheat, and rice diet. You can even make barley breads, bake barley cookies, and serve barley pastas.

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Barley Calories