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Pumpkin Seeds Calories

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Pumpkin seeds calories are reliable resource of health promoting elements, which fortifies your immunize system, makes your bone strong, increases good fat, and disparages the bad cholesterol level in blood. Most of us are familiar with pumpkin seeds as part of Halloween makeover, but many people are not aware of wealth of good it can do to your health. Pumpkin seeds are flattened, dark brown, kernels of pumpkin fruit, which is the seasonal arrival of fall. In market, you can easily get dry or raw variety of pumpkin seed or roasted forms of pumpkin seeds, generally consumed as breakfast snacks. Pumpkinseeds can also be used in sweet dish preparation, for various puddings making, and  for making dry cookies. To develop complete understanding of pumpkin seeds, let us analyze the calories they contain.


Calories in Pumpkin Seeds

The seeds of pumpkin are packed with goodness of zinc, photo nutrients, mono unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis patients. The best way of consuming pumpkin seeds is in its natural, fresh, and raw form. In roasted form, the seeds tend to get converted in long chain fats which may increase the otherwise low lipid profile. The flesh of pumpkin seeds contain beneficial phytosterols, which is known to act as antioxidants. The seeds are exceptionally good for men`s health, as it promotes prostrate healing factors.


Caloric Profile of Raw Pumpkin Seeds

100gm of raw pumpkin seeds gives you 596 kcal.

One by fourth cup of raw pumpkin seeds which is equivalent to 34.5gm will serve you with 186 kcal. The increased caloric compositions are derived from MUFA, which are mono unsaturated fatty acids. The type found in pumpkin seeds are oleic acids, which is helpful in raising the good cholesterol level.

The protein content is also good in pumpkin seeds. In 100gm of serving, you get 54%  of proteins, or in other words 30gm of protein.

In addition, pumpkin seeds also provide 60mg of tryptophan, which produces mood elevating hormones, and act as natural sleeping capsules.

The calories from vitamin are also impressive, the whopping 36mg of Vitamin is provided by 100gm of pumpkin seeds.

They are wonderful reservoirs of manganese, which is 4543mg in 100gm of seeds. The seeds also produce gamma butyric acids, which are the stress busters and brain relaxant.

These were some of the healthy facts about the pumpkin seeds calories in brief.

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Pumpkin Seeds Calories