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Oat Calories

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Oatmeal SlicePeople, who relish the daily bowl of oats, can boast of leading a healthy life. Oats calories become of prime importance for all oats aficionados. Ranked among the number one super foods, oats are high in fiber, and also wonderful source of vitamins, selenium, magnesium, and is helpful in warding many life threatening complications at bay. Inculcating the daily knack of having oatmeal in your brunch can truly be rewarding in its own way. Oatmeal work by sequestering the bad cholesterol and stops the binding of bad cholesterol to your liver and blood vessels. Now this is helpful in making your heart vessels more pliable and healthy. You can be convinced of possessing healthy heart linked to oatmeal consumption. Oats can be available in, roasted, hulled, steel cut, oat grouts, instant oats, oat bran or oatmeal. Let us know more about oat calories.

Oat Calories

Oat can be used as cereal instead of wheat for people with gluten intolerance. You can make oat based dough, roll it into cookies, bread, bake pies, or oat pancakes.

Amount per serving of oat whole grain contains 70 calories.

Total fat content is 2percent, total carbohydrate content is 13%, and total protein content is 4%.  Rests of the calories are provided by dietary fibers, which is highest in oat.

Calories in oat bread

Oat bread is substitute of many diet conscious people, and is gleefully consumed as the part of morning breakfast. Nutritional profile says that oat bread carries 90 calories. Out of this 17.2% carbohydrate, 9.7%  is healthy fat, and 73%  is constituted by protein.

Calories in Oat Groats

Oat groats are way different from oat meal, in that, oat groats the outer bran layer is left unstrapped in groats, which is washed away in oatmeal. So oat groats are becomes higher in nutritional profile. It has lower glycemic index than oatmeal, since groats take more time to get digested in our guts.

Calories in quarter serving of oat groats calls for 110 calories. Total fat content is 2.5%.

Calories in oat bran

Oat brans form the basis of many regular snacks, like donuts, pies, and cookies. They are fiber stuffed food, which has impressive nutritional profile as well.

Oat bran consist of 120 calories, of which 2gm is fat, 21gm is carbohydrates, and rest protein and fiber.

These are some of the calorie talk of oat and its relatives. Oat calories are great to fortify your immunity, and keep heart healthy.

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Oat Calories