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Almond Calories

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Almond is one of the most prized super foods, which is potentially rich in nutrition of healthy fat, vitamins, and proteins. Almond calories diet chart provides in depth split ups f overall calories, to make us aware of healthy nutty facts about almonds. Throughout the world, almond is either eaten raw, or with some delicious additions, and as base food.


Almond based food product can be all sorts of almond puddings, almond pies, cookies, or almond flour. Almond flour is beyond doubt the most recommended, and nutritious flour. The best part is that almond based foods stable, and inert, that is chances are bleak for anyone to develop allergy towards almond. Almonds have low glyceamic index, lowers blood sugar, is one of the best antioxidant loaded food, makes it rare for its admirers to develop any cardiac diseases, and has extra punch of potassium, and magnesium. A healthy graph of nutrition gets sketched due to so many healing aspects, to make the nutrition picture more alluring let us find out more.


Almond Calories


Almonds are eaten both in raw, and blanched forms, and in dry roasted, or oil roasted forms.  The calories count can slightly vary due to external sources, but the healthy fat content in almonds remain unchanged.


Raw Almond Calories Content


1oz or 28 grams of almonds is known to offer 161 Calories. To split up, total fat content is 21percent, total carbohydrate content is 2 percent, total protein calories count is 2 percent, dietary fiber content goes up to 14 percent. The fat content may appear prominent to you, but the scientific truth unfolds the fact that almonds comprises of healthy fat, which instead of piling up in your body, helps you to burn fat, and lose weight. This is done because almonds healthy fats have influence on insulin secretion, which eventually, puts halt on spiking up of blood sugar level.

1 raw almond tantamount to 7 Calories, and 1 oz which may contain 22 nuts approximately, can boast of 164 Calories.


Dry Roasted Almond Calories

1 full cup of dry roasted almond is known to offer 830 calories.

1 oz or 28 grams of dry roasted almonds will therefoAlmond Caloriesre offer you 167 calories in all.


Oil Roasted Almond calories

Calories measurement in oil roasted almonds will naturally surge up due to oil and salt content in it.

1cup of oil roasted almonds will gain you around 953 calories.

1 oz or 28 grams of oil roasted almonds is ready to boost you with172 calories.


Blanched Almonds Calories

The fat content remains the same but the protein content will go down in blanched and peeled almonds. 1 oz of blanched almonds shall offer you 163 calories to 166 calories.

These were some of the almond calories truths, to aid in incorporating better nutrition with almonds.

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Almond Calories