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How to serve brie cheese

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Tips on how to serve brie cheeseBrie cheese is no doubt the queen of cheeses and if you know how to serve brie cheese, it is surely going to be a lovely experience, for everyone who get a chance to enjoy this cheese. Brie cheese is prepared from cow milk and has a buttery mild taste, which is much versatile than other types of cheese which are generally available. Here are some more ways of serving brie cheese, which shall make your recipes even more delicious.


Using a serving tray:


When you learn how to serve brie cheese, you will learn this, the first and foremost. Start by setting a wedge of brie cheese on your serving tray. You can arrange other items on this tray as per your preference. Crackers can be laid on one side, while a few grapes on the other side. Do not forget to keep a knife for the convenience of your guests, so that they can help themselves.


Olive bread:


It is true that brie cheese tastes its best when it is served on warm crusty bread. To add to this taste further, you can spread this cheese on toasted olive bread. This can be served along with beef stew or hot minestrone.




While learning how to serve brie cheese, I realized the role of walnuts in decorating cheese. You can pile walnut halves on top of brie and then sprinkle a generous amount of honey on its top. This can be served with hot and delicious French bread. You can also use some cranberries and delicious pecans for decorating the brie cheese or any other fruit which you would love to use.


Phyllo Dough:


This can also be used to serve brie cheese. All you need to do is wrap the brie in phyllo dough, and then top it with delicious caramelized onions and dried cranberries. This can be baked in an oven at 400 degree F for around 20 minutes, till it is ready to be served. It can be served on thick water crackers, in its crispy style. This makes an excellent dessert on a very cold night which can be perfectly eaten with dark chocolate and red wine.


French Baguette:


Are you wondering how to serve brie cheese using French Baguette? You will just need to cut it lengthwise and serve. The bottom half can be easily spread with cream horseradish. You can pile the shaved roast beef, with thin slices of onions on its top. The top portion can be smeared with soft brie. 

Now when you have learn how to serve brie cheese now its time to enjoy this best qulity cheese with frineds and family.

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How To Serve Brie Cheese