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Wheat Calories

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Wheat calories can be most sought after question for weight watchers out there. People shift their diet chart from high calorific foods to wheat based foods, once they try to follow healthy track of lifestyle.


Many of us are not aware with nutritional profile of wheat, which encompasses fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers. Wheat can be taken in the form of processed white flour, or coarse brown flour. We have wheat flours wrapped up as white enriched bread, whole wheat bread, wheat bread puffs, wheat pasta, wheat pies, biscuits, and many more items. Being one of globe`s largest staple food, we need to give some serious thought to wheat calories.


Wheat Calories


Calories in wheat vary according to the types of wheat consumed. You have wheat bran, wheat flour, white flour, brown flour, wheat semolina, and wheat vermicelli. All the wheat based foods are made out of these wheat stuffs. Let us explore the varieties of wheat foods in detail.


Calories in Wheat Flour


A calorie measured is nothing but the amount of energy in the form of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, per unit of wheat flour. Wheat flour comes in many forms; it could be industrially processed and refined, the one known to us as refined white flour. The difference between refined wheat and whole wheat is that the former is made from endosperm of wheat while the latter is made from all the outer gluten part, outer coat, kernels, and inner endosperm.


Calories in 1 cup of all purpose wheat flour are 455calories, with 1.2gm of fat, 94.5gm of carbohydrates, and 12.9gm of protein.


1 cup of whole grain wheat flour contains 407 calories. Fat is 2.2gm, carbohydrate is 87.1gm, and protein calories are about 16.7gm.



Calories in Wheat Bread


One can get about 120 calories from a whole grain wheat bread, and 100 calories from a single slice of white wheat bread. Naturally, whole grain wheat has more carbohydrates than its white bread counterpart.


A slice of toasted wheat bread consists following in proportion to serving.


  • 100 gram of toasted bread consist of 277Calories
  • Regular sized slice toasted bread carries 79Calories


Calories in commercially marketed whole wheat bread comprises of 70%  carbohydrates, 15%  proteins, and around 13 % fats.


Calories in Wheat Bran


Wheat bran is one of the most nutritional wheat forms which are recommended for diabetic people. The calories count in 1 cup of wheat bran is 125 calories, with carbohydrates of 27gm, fat in 2 gm, and protein of 9gm.


Calories in Cooked Wheat


Cooked wheat contains calories in following ratio:


  • 1 cup cooked wheat; 169 calories
  • 1 cup of cooked sprouted wheat: 106 calories


These are some of nutritional grain fact about wheat calories. Next time before incorporating wheat formed stuffs, you can easily make a note of different calories in them.


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Wheat Calories