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Pea Calories

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Calories in peas are the measure of total grams of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats which varies in raw, cooked, or frozen varieties of peas. Peas belong to leguminous family, and this fact makes us aware that calories source in peas should be primarily protein. People on weight loss trip incorporate peas gleefully due to high fiber and protein content in it. Speaking of its availability, peas can be purchased both in fresh pod form, and in frozen dry forms. Apart from this, we also have cooked, salted, and various snack items made up solely of peas. Being the staple and highly prized comfort food of winter, we must take a brief look on the calories in peas.

Calories in Peas

Peas are stuffed with phytonutrients, fibers, proteins, indigestible sugar in very low proportion, and thin proportion of fat. Due to much of the proteinaceous ingredient, the fat, and carbohydrate calories source are quite negligible. Peas are known to carry low glyceamic index, and for this reason you don’t get spiked up sugar level in your blood after a rich pea diet.

Calories in raw Peas

Calories in 100 gram of raw peas contain 55 kilo calories.

1 full cup of raw peas shall contain 117 kilo calories.

The green and raw peas are mostly the part of Asian dishes, while the sugar snap peas or edible padded raw peas make up most of the western dishes. The carbohydrate content is 7gm, protein content is 4.8g, and fat content is.6gm, with high fiber content of 4.6 gm.

Calories in Garden Pea

Overall calori-content in garden pea is 66 calories. The split up of fat, carbohydrates, and protein can be shown in following ways:

Carbohydrate percentage is 54.2%, fat percentage is 11%, and protein proportion is is 35%. Garden peas also consist of good moisture and water content.

Calories in Split Cooked peas

Split cooked peas are rich source of fol-ate, niacin, Vitamin K, dietary fibers, magnesium, zinc, thiamine, and riboflavin. The  available from fat content is about 2 gram.

Calories in Frozen Peas

Frozen peas are devoid of water content due to dehydration. The amount of calories found in 1 cup of frozen peas can be around 65 calories. Out of this, the protein content is 5.4gm, carbohydrate is 9gm, fat is .8gm, and fiber is 4.9gm.

It is now well known that peas are low in un healthy calories, but carry good dose of healthy calories to boost our body function in smooth way.

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Pea Calories