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Healthy Snacks For Lunch Boxes

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Healthy snacks for lunch boxes are a must to ensure that children get the required amount of nutrition while away at school. Lunch boxes should contain healthy snacks that are nutritious as well as can be prepared easily. Snacks that are nutrient rich would help kids in concentrating in class as well as improve learning abilities. Some of the food items that can be put into your kid’s lunch box include – vegetables, fresh fruits, protein rich food like lean meat, hard boiled eggs, beans; dairy foods like yogurt, cheese; starchy food like pita, bread, rolls, fruit bread and water.


Some Healthy Snacks for Kids Lunch Boxes


  1. Vegetable sticks - celery, carrot and cucumber sticks make nutrient rich snacks for lunch boxes. Pair these foods with a dip like cheese or ranch and watch kids gobble these up in no time at all.
  2. Fruits – strawberries, grapes, bananas, the list is endless where fruits are concerned. A mixed fruit salad can also be interesting.
  3. Peanut butter sandwich – add banana slices along with peanut butter and wheat bread for making this sandwich healthier and tastier.
  4. Rolled and filled tortillas – make nutritious fillings of shredded chicken, cheese, turkey, celery and tuna for kid’s snacks.
  5. Tuna or chicken sandwich – delicious sandwiches, high in protein and nutrient rich makes ideal snacks to be taken to school. Add some chopped celery, tomato and lettuce slices to make it colorful and appealing.
  6. Vegetable and tomato soups – snacks do not get healthier than these. Pair the soup with corn muffins for use a thermos to keep soup warm when you kid eats it at school.
  7. Dried fruits and nuts – these are highly nutritious and tasty too. Raisins, almonds, dried cherries, sunflower seeds etc are good sources of antioxidants as well as proteins.


Healthy snacks for lunch boxes should encourage the child to eat foods that are good for health. As parents, we can make the food attractive and appealing to our children so as to help them eat better.


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Healthy Snacks For Lunch Boxes