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How to serve fish

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Tips on how to serve fishHow to serve fish to get the most of its taste and flavor? Well, fish can be served in a number of ways, just like chicken and shrimps – you need to remember how it has been cooked so that you can serve it accordingly to all your guests. Here are some ways in which you can serve fish and make it delicious for yourself and your family.



Serving Fish

Fried fish:


This is the most common way of serving fish. You just need to marinate fish slices with lemon, salt, and herbs and deep fry the fish fillets or whole fish. It can be served with a spicy sauce or any dip as per choice. Vegetable salad also makes a great combination with fried fish.


Baked fish:                   


If you choose to serve baked fish, you will be happy to know, that the way of serving baked fish is quite similar to fried fish. Baked fish needs to be served hot, in a large plate especially when you are serving whole fish for a large number of people. In case you are serving small fillets, then your task becomes much easier, because you can serve them in any kind of plate, with a bowl of hot sauce for dipping the fish fillets.


Stuffed fish:


Stuffed fish is truly delicious, but serving stuffed fish for a large number of people can be really difficult. Even if you have a big size stuffed fish, it isn’t going to be sufficient for all, so in most cases when you have prepared for a party or a get-together, it will be more than one whole fish. Neatly arrange all the stuffed fishes in plates, while placing the stuffed portion of the fish in the center part, so that fish slices can be easily carved out. The lesson on how to serve fish which is stuffed is the toughest because it requires meticulous planning and clever arrangement of the fish. Fish tends to get soft and tender after being tender and then arranging it in plates becomes really tough. Thus serving stuffed fish neatly is little difficult, but with a little practice you are bound to get it right.


Now, that you have learnt how to serve fish, you need to remember that fish tends to be a little messy, due to the presence of its bones…so when you serve fish, please ensure that you have a spare bowl placed along side where you can keep all unwanted portions of the fish like bones. This ensures that everything is neat and in order when everyone is sitting to have food.


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How To Serve Fish