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How to serve chicken

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How to serve chicken? Does the question appear to be too simple? Think again! How many ways do you actually know of serving chicken? Many of us prepare chicken at home, but do we actually know the different ways of serving this common food? Most of us are actually not aware that chicken can be served in different styles, depending on the way you are cooking and what you are cooking. Here are some very interesting ways of serving chicken, which I am sure, you will appreciate.


Serving Baked chicken:


Baked chicken is a common recipe and normally chicken is baked in many homes. How to serve chicken which is baked in style? It is very simple! You just need to arrange your chicken in a serving bowl or dish along with fresh salad, sauce or even a dip. If you have prepared spicy baked chicken, you will definitely need to serve it with a spicy dip. In case you have prepared a whole chicken, you will definitely need a larger dish to serve it. In case of whole baked chicken you will also need several forks and knives so that chicken pieces can be easily carved out – especially when you are serving chicken to a group of people.


Serving Fried Crispy chicken:


When you have prepared really spicy fried chicken, then you will definitely know how to serve these fried pieces. Ensure that these small fried chicken pieces are served in a deep dish, so that their outer crunchy coating does not mess the whole table while they are being picked up for eating. If we do not know how to serve chicken which is deep fried, your guests or even your family members are surely going to have a tough time keeping their fingers clean. Fried chicken tends to be a little oily – make sure you have enough of paper napkins, so that you can wipe off your oily fingers and do not feel messy.

Tricks of serving crispy fried chicken


Serving chicken soup:


I love chicken soup – no wonder, I learnt how to serve chicken soup first! If you are serving chicken soup to your guests, ensure you have enough soup bowls and spoons on your table, so that everyone can help themselves out without any trouble. Chicken soup should always be served hot – ensure that you have arrangements to serve them hot!


These were some of the common ways of serving chicken in different styles – do let us know, if you have some more tips of serving our favorite chicken!


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How To Serve Chicken