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How to serve lobster

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If you are fond of seafood, then this information on how to serve lobster is surely going to impress you. Very few of us actually try and cook lobsters at home because these are slightly difficult to prepare and not easily available too. Moreover, since we are not able to serve lobsters, just as our favorite restaurants, we tend to drop the idea of learning the process of serving lobster. Here are some tips which shall help you to serve lobster as per the preference.


Serving without the shell:


This is the most common way of serving lobster – without its shell. This is especially preferred and recommended when lobster is being served to kids, who usually find it difficult to remove the shells while having lobster. In case you are not aware of how to serve lobster without its shell, you need to know that the process is very simple and shall take you a few minutes. The shell should be broken apart with the help of lobster crackers that are easily available and then the meat should be picked out. The entire lobster can be eaten except the claws which are not loved by many seafood lovers. The meat is taken out of the shell and cooked as per the cuisine.


Serving with shell:


This is the way in which lobster is normally served in the top restaurants and hotels. In this way of serving lobster, the shell is not removed and the lobster is cooked along with its shell. If it is cooked well, the meat inside the shell gets tender, juicy and has all the flavors which you are looking forward to.


Lobster serving tips: Tails


If you are looking for ways of how to serve lobster you must know that to make anylobster meal delicious, you need to know about the different dishes which you will serve with lobster. This is important because most of the lobster meat is present in its tail; therefore it is important that you serve lobster tails mostly.


Claws and Legs:


Claws and legs of lobster also contain enough meat for consumption, but when you are choosing legs and claws, you should always serve it hot and never cold.


Side dishes:


If you go by the rule of the thumbs, you need to remember that when you are serving lobster, you should serve side dishes which are simple and which do not overpower the taste and flavor of the lobster. In fact, you can serve lobster with a generous helping of butter, which enhances its tenderness and increases the flavor of the lobster. 


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How To Serve Lobster