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How to serve rice

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Bowl of rice - how it is servedMany of us know how to serve rice, especially those who belong to Asian countries where rice is the staple food and forms an important part of the cuisine. However, there is a difference – serving rice for everyday cooking and in a party is different and definitely cannot do it in the same way. Here are some interesting innovative ways of serving rice at home for your family and even for your guests, when you are hosting a party.


Rice bowl:


This is the first tip to remember when you are learning how to serve rice. You should never serve rice in a shallow plate or bowl for your family to help themselves. Rice bowls are deep and suitable for serving rice. You just need to keep rice in these bowls and place a big spoon, with the help of which rice can be chosen. This is especially important when you choose to serve rice in a party or else you will mess things up and soon you will find that rice has been scattered all over the table.




This is also crucial but can actually vary with the other dish you are serving with rice. Picking the right temperature for serving rice is important to keep its texture and taste as per your desire. Never serve rice which is too hot until the people for whom you are serving love hot steaming rice. Children normally find it very difficult to have very hot rice. However, rice which is completed cool also does not taste good and spoils the entire taste and flavor of other dishes with which you are having rice. If, you are wondering how to serve rice in its right temperature you should know that this is a matter of experience and you will learn it with little bit of experience and also if you know the preference of your guests and family.



Side dishes:


Rice is served with side dishes and the type of rice you are choosing, also depends on the types of side dish. Steamed rice is served with spicy chicken and lamb dishes in Indian cuisine. If you are serving rice as a part of Chinese cuisine, then steamed rice is not much popular but fried rice is quite common and normally served. Ghee rice, jeera rice, vegetable rice, sushi rice and several other varieties of rice are served as per the cuisine and preferences of the guests.


Learning how to serve rice in the right way will not only help you to enhance the taste of your other dishes, but shall also help your guests to have rice as per desire and convenience.


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How To Serve Rice