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How to serve shrimp

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547844-how-to-serve-shrimp-salads.jpg300300Shrimp is one of those delicacies, which can be served in a number of ways. How to serve shrimp in an uncommon way is the question which comes to our mind often! In fact, shrimps are served in different styles in different regions of the world, making some very popular specialties of the world. Here are some easy ways by which you can serve shrimp and enjoy this dish, in a new way whenever you feel like.


Shrimp salad:


This can be an interesting way to serve shrimp, though there are many controversies and arguments on this style of serving. Shrimps are normally boiled with salt and herbs, before serving them with vegetables such as cabbage or lettuce. This is usually served in a tray, arranged in style and served with mustard sauce. If you are looking for tips on how to serve shrimps or how to eat raw, you can try this out.


Shrimp cocktail:

If you are a seafood freak or you have been a part of many parties, then shrimp cocktail isn’t something new for you! Those who are not aware about shrimp cocktail should know that shrimps are served as an appetizer in this method. They are cooked and placed in a serving bowl, while hot chili or garlic sauce is poured over them. It is ensured that nothing is left out or no bit of the shrimp or the sauce sticks out of the plate, which can make it look messed. Shrimps are normally served by arranging them neatly in a serving plate and cutting out a few slices of lemon, especially in case the guests are looking forward to tangy lemon shrimps.


Shrimps and wine:


Deep fried spicy shrimps taste wonderful when had with wine or any drink of your choice. You might ask if there is any special way or how to serve shrimp as accompaniment to wine? It is simple – just to balance the taste of shrimp and wine, you need to make the shrimps, slightly extra spicy.How to serve shrimp cocktail


When you are learning how to serve shrimp, you just need to ensure that you have purchased fresh shrimps and that you have washed them well, so that they are free from any kind of germs and bacteria, which can be really harmful.


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How To Serve Shrimp