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How to serve ham

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If you know how to serve ham in the right way, you will have a dual advantage. No matter, how the ham has been cooked, it will be delicious and very appetizing. If the ham is cooked thoroughly (especially in case of spiral ham), you will find that your guests are enjoying every bit of what they are having. The ham will be tender and very juicy and when served well, it can help in the making of a very hearty winter meal or even a summer picnic menu item. Here are some ways of serving ham for your family and guests.


Serving Baked Ham


This is one of the most common ways of cooking as well as serving ham. To serve baked ham in style, you will first have to bake the ham properly and let it reach a temperature of 165 degrees, after which we can let it cook for sometime. Once baked well, the ham needs to be glazed well. In case you have never glazed ham before, there is nothing to worry. You just need to read the package instructions on how to glaze ham, so that you can apply it properly.


Ham in platter:


This is a really innovative way of serving ham and you can use your own imagination and skills of serving it to your guests. When I was learning how to serve ham, I was instructed that when ham is removed from the oven, it needs to rest for sometime – at least ten minutes.  Once the ham cools down, it can be carved using a sharp knife and the meat can be trimmed from the bone slowly. You can slowly slide the knife inside the ham, and cut around the perimeter of the bone slowly and free the ham slices. Then you can lift the free slices and then place them on a platter. To present the ham in a nice way, you can slowly arrange herbs, small slices of fruits, and other roasted vegetables around the ham on the platter. This enhances the look of the ham and makes it look very delicious.Serving ham in a platter


Serve with mashed potatoes:


Ham tastes wonderful when served with mashed potatoes, fresh green vegetables cooked, slices of glazed carrots, and also hot rolls. In fact, this makes a great combination of a hearty winter meal, which is loved by all. You can also add some spicy mustard while serving which enhances the flavor of the ham further. 547839-serving-ham-with-mashed-potatoes.jpgw480h321


Last, but not the least, when you are learning how to serve ham, you need to know how to take care of all the left-over pieces also. So, start off by dicing the leftover ham and mixing it with onions, mayo, and celery before serving it with salad. This can be served with crusty rolls for a very quick lunch.


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How To Serve Ham