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How To Serve Cognac

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Serving CognacTo appreciate the perfect glass of the world`s most finest brandy variety, you ought to know some signature tips on how to serve cognac. Cognac is beyond doubt, the masterpiece creation of brandy, which may even cost an earth to many cognac aficionados. Cognac has typical taste, and lavish flavor, which truly makes it the crowning jewel of perfection. The artisan drink is kept in oak barrels to mature for as long  six years. Cognac has its origin in France, with a place named cognac. However, what makes cognac differ in their appeal, texture, and aromatic flavor, is the variety of different grape fruits which go into its making. Well, this is not a drink to be enjoyed in tailgates, and frat parties, the best spot to take pleasure in the expensive sips is near fire place.


How to choose cognac for serving:

Cognac is available in 3 different grades, which includes very special cognac, very superior old pale cognac, and extra old cognac. Choose the variety depending upon your budget and occasion. However, as a rule one needs to serve cognac thats at least 2 years old. 


Interesting way of serving cognac

Serving as per season:

Cognac's flavor depends a lot on the season. Grande Champagne cognacs usually have a very light floral flavor and are usually served during the summer months, with ice. Cognac from the Borderies region has a very strong nature with nuttier tones – hence, it's best to serve them in the winter.


The Wine glass:

Cognac needs to be served in tulip shaped glassware or any standard wine glass which is meant for cognac. The main reason for serving cognac in these glasses is that their balloon shape prevents the cognac from escaping quickly and retains its original flavor and taste. The curve in the lower section of the glass helps to preserve the aroma of cognac for a much longer period. Cognac is usually served one quarter of the glass, since this has much higher range of alcohol than any other wine. Thus, it is always desired to avoid heavy pours.


Serving Cognac

Cognac is served at room temperature, and is taken as punch. You can make cognac punch by stirring in some iced tea, lemon, and peach infusions, and dissolving in some sugar, with quart cognac.


Foods To Serve With Cognac:

Even though, cognac can be served with any meal, chocolates are known to compliment cognac the most. These help to draw the nutty flavors of cognac more and enhance the taste and appeal of the drink – making it completely enjoyable.

By knowing these tips on how to serve cognac, you can carve out the perfect moment at the end of a weary day! 


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How To Serve Cognac