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How To Serve Scotch

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Serving ScotchHow to serve scotch in sophisticated manner is dear to many scotch connoisseurs. Scotch is a type of Scottish whisky which is made from fermented malt, or single grain malt. Due to its varied, color, aroma, and flavor, scotch is divided into four main types. Blended scotch, single grains scotch, vetted malt, and single malt scotch. Deemed to be the drink made for elite and urbane class, scotch serving is very essential before taking sips. Serving right mix of scotch cocktail is contingent on the recipient, and the type of scotch to be served. You must know as to ways of serving single whisky, and blended whisky. Here goes some it’s on how to serve scotch, and win accolades.



Serving Scotch


  • Scotch should be served always with ice cubes, and some other scotch brands, with spring water. These are the two prerequisite of serving whisky. Being high in alcoholic content, whisky blending requires spring water, and some tangy tinge.
  • It is important to serve scotch in special whisky glass. Also, crystal made scotch can serve a visual appeal, as many aficionados, feast with their eyes first.
  • To identify the scotch of your choice, look for classic color like brown, greenish, or yellowish tinted scotch. If you wish to make scotch based cocktails, then make an array of scotch brands you want to step in, and muddle your drink.Serving Scotch
  • Scotch serving is all about crushing ice, defrosting glasses, muddling different drinks, and finally sniffing the drink to whet your scotch appetite. You should be able to identify the vanilla essence, smokiness, nuttiness, saltiness, tart, or fruit flavored scotch drinks once you sniff it.
  • Scotch is best paired with spring water, and ice. Some scotch admirers like to have it neat that is without any adulteration. However, due to high alcoholic content, scotch can taste bit acerbic to many non serious drinkers.
  • Scotch serving is done in special martini glass or can also be served in snifter. These are wide mouthed small tapered glasses, which makes the aroma richer and classy. Also, the crystal appearance of such glasses can make you more glued to its sparkling texture.
  • Different people like their scotch served in their own ways. So it would be a good idea, if you place whisky with ice, and soda in separate beakers. Also, keep some lemon slice, or peach chinks, as some people like to make their scotch taste fruity.

These are some of the tips and vintage style about how to serve scotch with fizz! 

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How To Serve Scotch