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How To Serve Sangria

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Serving SangriaSangria is wine and fruit punch straight from Spain and Portugal wine repertoire. To get the best taste out of this splendid drink, you ought to know how to serve them. However, there are no rules to serving sangria, but some prerequisites do exist for proper serving. The mixed fruit, and soda taste is the signature flavor to derive sangria. The best part of having sangria is that you can choose it to be non alcoholic, and make it suitable for kids as well. Let us find out how to serve sangria, and make the whole drinking experience into lifetime celebration.


Serving Sangria


  • The root word sangria means “blood”, so the basic hold true in creating something as red as blood. Sangria is made out of crushed ice, fruit syrup or juice, brandy, red wine, or soda water. To give it Spanish touch, mix in Rioja, pour into pitcher filled with ice cubes, and decorate with seasonal fruit flavors.
  • Sangria can also be served with some orange fruit punch, ice, soda water, and to give it a slight kick of wine, dribble in some hearty red Spanish wine.
  • If you are preparing sangria at home, try to ensure that you do full justice to both the taste of wine, and the fruit mix in it.  For this, mix the two in appropriate proportion.
  • You can make some wonderful peach, and white wine sangria varieties, and team it up with orange juice.
  • Cocktail mix of red, white, and some expensive brandy collections, does a great favor to your inner senses, making you to enjoy every sip as heavenly delight.
  • The good part is that you can try making sangria with any of the fanciful fruit, you wish to. But get into the knack of cutting, and plunging the cut fruit in wine overnight, before keeping it refrigerated. This process helps in attaining fruit juice flavor, which is the unique feature of sangria.
  • You can add orange, schnapps, strawberries, and peach, etc. to create varieties.

Sangria is great drink which has very less alcohol content, to get the best taste; you can stretch your imagination and make sangria serving a delight! 

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How To Serve Sangria