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How To Serve Whisky

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Serving Whisky"A glass of a whisky during thirties cost less than a cup of tea". Though whisky has many conoisseurs, yet many have no idea on how to serve whisky.Whisky is the distilled and fermented product of mashed grains, which is the cynosure of every party, and gettogether events. Whisky serving is an art which if presented in right manner, can become a thrilling experience. Serving whisky is contingent on the recipient, and the type of whisky to be served. You must know as to ways of serving single whisky, and blended whisky. Let us explore some basic steps of serving whisky.

Serving Whisky

  • Whisky should be served always with some ice tray, and soda. These are the two prerequisite of serving whisky. Being high in alcoholic content, whisky blending requires spring water, and some tangy tinge.
  • One basic principle of serving whisky is swirling, sniffing, and sipping. For this, first pour some whisky into special whisky glass. This should not be more than the thickness of your finger.
  • Next add some normal spring water, and drive in some ice cubes. Sniff the smooth aroma of whisky, and get accustomed to finer liquor. Also, you should always make a note of serving whisky, either alone with ice, or accompanied with water. This is important, as people may like it only with ice or some believe in making water fountain in their liquor glass.
  • Whisky can also be served in snifter. These are wide mouthed small tapered glasses, which makes the aroma richer, and classic. Also, the crystal appearance of such glasses can make you more glued to its sparkling texture.
  • Different people like their whisky served in their own ways. So it would be a good idea, if you place whisky with ice, and soda in separate beakers. Also, keep some lemon slice, or peach chinks, as some people like to make their whisky taste fruity.
  • You have the choice of serving whisky with carbonated chilled drinks as well. People like the mixed flavor of soft drinks, and hard drinks, so that they do not get much intoxicated by captivating taste of alcohol.
  • Making cocktails, and blending whisky with other variants of it, like scotch, Glen, or old malt scotch like Macallan, is said to augment the overall taste of whisky, and make people enjoy them to the core.

These are some of the ways on how to serve whisky, and make the surrounding wrapped in the whisky aroma. 

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How To Serve Whisky