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How To Serve Squash

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Serving SquashSquash is one of the most rife summer entries available across the length and breadth of tropical countries. To enjoy the luscious and mildly sweet flavor of it, you need to know the basics of how to serve squash right. Squash can be boiled and made into appetizing drinks, which can  be served chilled or as hot brewing stews. The best part is the versatility squash shares with other fruit, which eventually augments its aromatic taste. You always have room for experimentation with refreshing squash drinks, by adding fruits and raisins to it. To explore more on this, let us enter the squash world for some refreshing rounds.


Serving Squash


You can try your serving skills with acorn squash and spaghetti squash; the former can serve as whole some squash, while the latter is served as a side dish.


Serving Acorn Squash


Cut acorn squash into halves, and bake it on both sides in oven for a good 25 minutes. Now make a fruit mix of pear, apple, grapes, pomegranate, coconut shreds, strawberry chunks, and papaya, all cut into small bites.

Now, add brown sugar, some orange rinds, nutmeg, almonds, cranberries, blueberries, and dribble some lemon juice. Cook this fruit mix until you find the fruit turning golden yellow.Serving Squash

Take out the bakes squash, make a big central cavity, and fill in the fruit mix stuffing’s into the cavity. Bake it for 15 minutes, and enjoy it with a blob of butter on its top.


Serving Spaghetti Squash


Cut half the spaghetti squash, and let it boil in water for 15 minutes. Now, cook some chopped bell peppers, with salt, pepper, and onions, you can even add some tomatoes for a tangy start. Now prepare some Béchamel sauce to pour over the squash to make it a fairy tale mystery recipe. You can wrap up the whole preparation with some salted yogurt, and scattered mint on its top.


Serving Squash Drinks


Squash can be also served as great summer drinks, to pep you up after a weary day. Serve squash juice with mint, and coriander juice, all blended together with salt, and pepper.

Squash teamed up with lemon juice also makes a great coolant in many tropical countries. Other great substitutes can be strawberry shakes with squash, cold milk squash drinks, or cinnamon squash drinks.

Squash can be blended with few heavenly drops of honey to make it taste sweet, and tempting. Here you do not require sugar crystals to satisfy your sweet tooth, honey will take care of the desired sweetness.

These are some of the great tips on how to serve squash and enjoy the joy of beating scorching heat with cool summer drinks.

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How To Serve Squash