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Tips To Serve Absinthe

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Serving AbsintheAbsinthe is an ancient French drink which has won accolades for its distinctive bitter taste, and color. People, who love to bask in the ancient glory of wine and viands, must know how to serve absinthe. Let me introduce some common perceptions about this popular French drink. Absinthe is emerald colored, high alcoholic content drink, which is unusually flavored with anise and wormwood. Absinthe has the highest alcoholic measure of 72%, and has tinge of bitterness too. It is called as “Green Fairy” drink probably due to the green hue, it imparts.


Serving Absinthe

Before serving the luxury drink, it is important to make a perfect blend of water, ice, and absinthe, and drop in some sugar crystals. As, absinthe is high in alcoholic content, it has to be mixed in 3 to 5 parts with water against 1 part of absinthe. Absinthe is also used as cocktail ingredient to provide bitter taste, and bit pungent aroma.


Classic Style of Absinthe Serving

For a classic style of serving, you need absinthe glass, absinthe spoon, absinthe fountain, and sugar with ice cubes. Now there are two traditional methods of serving absinthe.

Serving Absinthe


This method is the part of French absinthe rituals, and is followed with great care.

Fill the absinthe fountain with ice and water, let the water chill.

Dribble the absinthe by measuring it in apt proportion. The dose should not exceed the limit.

Next, place absinthe spoon on the top of fountain, and set a sugar cube on the top above the slots.

Place the whole set up under the fountain faucet, and run water over the sugar cubes. You will notice the milky appearance in the glass when the sugar melts into the glass of absinthe. This method is called louching, and is due to oils secreted from fennel, and herbs in the absinthe infusion.

Sugar on Flame method

This is also named as Czech style of serving absinthe. In this method, absinthe soaked sugar is set on fire and caramelized to let it dribble drop by drop into the glass of absinthe and chilled water.

The Brouille Ritual of Serving

Ice cubes are placed on the small lid called brouille, and water is poured over it. The mixing of water and melted ice in the absinthe glass is very gradual process, which give rise to louching phenomena.

Pipe Shot Method

This is the way of serving absinthe, widely practiced in Bohemia. Here a long thin pipe is filled with crushed ice, and absinthe, and is slowly sucked to experience the ultimate soothing power of absinthe.

Absinthe is deemed to be an elixir for people who love and know how to serve absinthe in best of its ways. Absinthe has even taken fantasy world on head over heels due to the mysterious pleasure of its taste.

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Tips To Serve Absinthe