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How to serve alcohol

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Learning how to serve alcohol will help you tremendously, especially when you are hosting a party or even during holidays when you are planning a gettogether with your friends and relatives. Serving alcohol certainly needs some planning and knowing a few tricks, so that your family and guests enjoy every bit of your served drink and you are not held responsible for any problem which might arise later on.


You need to keep a few things in mind when you are serving alcohol –


  • Ensure that there drivers and cabs for your guests to drive them home safely.
  • You need to know how to politely control the urge of your guests to drink more. You should know how to politely tell your guests, that they have had enough.
  • Have an idea about the drinking capacity of your guests, before you choose to serve alcohol.


Here are some more tips on how to serve alcohol:


Have knowledge of your guest’s behavior:



Learn how to serve alcohol to your guestsThis is particularly important when you are hosting a party and you are serving drinks to your guests. You should have a prior knowledge about how your guests might become ( if they become tipsy and whether they get too much impaired). This might be a tough task to do – in such a case, you can take the help of any professional (especially bartender) who have knowledge and know how people might react when they consume a little bit of alcohol.


Keep a place for your guest’s keys


When you plan to serve alcohol in your party, make an arrangement to keep a bowl, where your guests can keep their keys, as soon as they arrive in the party. No matter, your guests choose to drink or not – just ensure that  they  have a place to keep their keys, so that no one drives back home after having alcohol. This is an essential trick which you should know, when you are learning how to serve alcohol.


Keep your guest room ready:


You may never know how your guests might behave after the party – keep your guest room ready. When you are serving alcohol in any party, it might happen that your guests might not be willing to go home in a cab. In such a case, they might prefer to spend their night in the guest room. In this way, you wouldn’t be held responsible if any mishap occurs and moreover it shall ensure that your guests are safe after they have enjoyed the party.


Keep some soft drinks:


You might be serving alcohol in style, but keep other options ready too. This is essential for those who do not drink and will be driving back home. When you are hosting a party and serving alcoholic beverages, it will be your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests.


Now, that you know the right and safe way of how to serve alcohol, will your party be far behind? Plan in advance and enjoy with your guests in style.


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How To Serve Alcohol