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How To Eat Cinnamon?

Cinnamon sticksFrom being a natural food preservative, an anti-clotting agent, and anti-inflammatory to a natural fighter against cancer proliferation, the spice is a “chock” full of benefits and how to eat cinnamon will help you add the health-full touch to your cooking.


Eating cinnamon the truly original way

Cinnamon is used as a flavoring condiment in many desserts and its sweet flavor finds use in many of the Mexican sweet and savory dishes.

The original cinnamon shouldn’t be mistaken for cassia, which is also referred to as Chinese cinnamon, and is usually sold as ground cinnamon as a less expensive variety.

Here are a few tips to eat cinnamon in powdered form

  • Eating cinnamon in powdered form yields a lot of health benefits from curing allergy, to arthritic pain, and also a form of treatment to common cold. So here is how you can eat cinnamon in powdered form:

  • A pinch of cinnamon can be added to tea; you can it to both black tea and the one with added milk. The sweet, pungent and aromatic flavor of the spice makes your favorite beverage a drink to drink in.
  • Eating  cinnamon powder(a pinch) with a teaspoon of honey can keep all symptoms of allergy at bay apart from alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. This combination works well for sore throat as well.

  • Cinnamon powder has been used to prepare some essential Indian spices such as the garam masala and the “sambar”(spiced up tamarind sauce) powder. Additionally, many Mexican dishes use cinnamon powder as a staple ingredient.


How to eat cinnamon with a bit of culinary expertise?

  • Your apple or pumpkin pie can puff up with a bit of health quotient with cinnamon added to it. As such cinnamon is an important ingredient in many bakes such as cakes, muffins etc.


  • Cinnamon can also be added to Oatmeal, breakfast cereal, and yogurt to pep up the flavor.


  •  Coffee, hot chocolate, and your favorite smoothie with a dash of cinnamon are tastier and healthier(more so the degree of sugar can be decreased as cinnamon plays a vital role in reducing the glycemic index of the blood).


  • Apples and cinnamon get along like ham and eggs. Diced apple, cottage cheese mixed with a pinch of the spice make a nutritious snack and is a healthful way of eating cinnamon.

With the above tips on how to eat cinnamon, sniff in the aroma and flavor of a spice that will take you a long way in being healthy.

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How To Eat Cinnamon?