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How To Serve Tea

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How To Serve TeaServing tea is the most adored tradition in Europe and Asia. Tea culture originated in England, and since then, tea has become the most prevalent and social drink across the globe. Serving tea is the prerequisite custom on any auspicious occasion in India. People believe that, tea serving is the mark of reverence and acceptance, shown toward the guests. Great Britain has a great tea culture. It is through their courtesy norms that the tea got broached in social community. Gesture of camaraderie and forgiveness is again the trademark of serving tea in China, and Japan. There are tea ceremonies celebrated as the mark of tradition in many Middle East, and Eastern countries, to infuse the tranquility and serenity among the guests. So, let us know some aesthetic ways on how to serve tea, and togetherness with it.


Serving Tea

  • Tea with milk, sugar, water, honey, lemon, and tea leaves are served in raffish and ethnic tea sets. This is important if you are treating your guests with an evening cup of tea.
  • Balanced proportions of hot water, milk, sugar adjusted according to the taste, tea bags or tea leaves, makes a perfect brewing tea. Try to maintain good equilibrium between milk and tea leaves.
  • Next, is the basic tea serving etiquette. Try not to serve tea in large, big coffee cups, of mugs. Serve tea in small, china clay or porcelain made cups. Apart from looking, appreciative, they also make tea drinking a lot easier for your guests. After all, nobody wishes to have gallon of tea served to them.How To Serve Tea
  • Tea Serving Easy to Follow Steps

  • Get some boiled water in a jar. With careful handling, add tea leaves or tea bags to it. Take the tea bags out, and stir the mix for some time.
  • Now add, sugar, and milk. You should place, skimmed milk, lemon slices, honey dribbles, and artificial sweetener, just to ensure that every one can have their own choices of tea flavor.


Popular Tea Accompaniments

  • Some of the most acknowledged tea accompaniments are here to go. Pick one of your choices.
  • You can always serve tea with thin cut triangular shaped sandwiches, which are veggies stuffed or cheese stuffed.
  • Other great choices are serving tea with scones, Chocó muffins, cheese twist, cheese chilly wrappers, or with plain croissant.
  • You can make a sweet morning tea medley by serving it with cinnamon donut, strawberry cake slice, banana walnut slice, Danish chocolate cookies, vanilla cookies, blueberry muffin, or simply with some chocolate chip cookies.
  • For those, who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, can gleefully have tea teamed up with baked cookies, and biscuits. This is the classic style of serving tea.

So friends, and all those people who are new to tea serving, can follow the above mentioned etiquette, and gladly say that serving tea is definitely their “cup of tea”.

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How To Serve Tea