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How to Eat Octopus

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How to eat octopus

Ever wonder how people order those complicated octopus in the restaurants? If yes, then read this blog carefully to know how to eat octopus.  




If you visit your favorite restaurant and order an octopus, you will be often served with the tentacles that are usually very delicious. However, these octopus tentacles are also very chewy. The best way of eating octopus is to cook it at home and select the freshest meat. This will also allow you to try cooking and eating various other parts of octopus that are generally not served in restaurants. Cooking your dish at home also allow you include your personal favorite flavors.


Tips To Eat Octopus

1. First of all, buy the freshest octopus from the nearest store. Generally, all good seafood stores will display an entire octopus, and you can cut off the required parts. Tentacles are one of the most common parts generally used like appetizers. On the other hand, the head parts like the mantle and siphon are considered most tender and simple to cook.

2. Secondly, you need to start by boiling the octopus or its parts in salty water for about 35 minutes or until it changes the color to vibrant deep purple. The amount of salt basically depends on your personal taste and also on the quantity of octopus you are cooking. This precooking the octopus is very important for eliminating any chewiness from the meat.

3. Then, you need to deep-fry all pre-cooked octopus or its parts to make some mouth watering appetizers. Just dip thin strips into separated egg white and then rolling them into flour or even in fish fry batter. The process of making fish fry batter is up to you. All you need is some salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, or various other seasonings that you like. Now, deep-fry this battered octopus parts in a deep fryer till the time when they turn crispy golden brown. You can serve the deep-fried octopus along with some lemon or even some tarter sauce or classic marinara.

These were the simple steps of how to eat octopus. So, the next time you encounter octopus dish on your table, remember these instruction. 


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How To Eat Octopus