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How To Eat Pummelo?

Pummelo- pulp and the rindWondering how to eat pummelo, the delightfully citrus which  is also known by other names such as the pamplemousse, pomelo, Bali lemon, Limau besar, and shaddock?  Native to Asia and an ancestor of the grapefruit, pummelo has more sweetness in its pulp than its ‘bearing’. 


There are different varieties of pummelo but the flavor in a combination of tang and sweetness basically remains the same. The peel is somewhat greenish in color and the color of the flesh ranges from pink to white to pale yellow. The flesh is also covered by a thick white membrane or the pith. Let us go beneath the layers of this fruit and learn ways to eat the pummelo.


Eating pummelo through slicing it

•    Make your pick of pummelo, which is firm and heavy as they tend to be more juicy.

•    Give your pummelo a nice rinse under running water.

•    Cut the fruit into half along the equator and then into quarters and the quarters into halves (if the fruit is really large).

•    Take one small piece at a time and pull out the peel.

•    Slice out the pith or the thick membrane from the pummelo piece.

•    Pull the pummelo slightly from both ends to expose the sections of the fruit. This step will also help you get rid of the seeds of the fruit.

•    The juice –sacs from these sections can be removed and collected in a separate bowl.

•    Now enjoy eating the succulent pummelo wedges. Eat from the hand or use a spoon.


Alternate method of peeling and eating the pummelo

•    Since the pummelo has a thick rind, you can make curving cuts along the axis of the pummelo, but make sure that the cuts are not too deep to pierce the flesh.

•    Once the cuts are made on the peel, remove the peel in sections and use the remaining peel as a lever to pull it out from the fruit.

•    The pummelo in a thick coat of pith will appear before you. Remove the pith.

•    Eat the pummelo sections and be sure to spit out the seeds.


Juice up you way of eating pummelos

•    The pummelo sacs collected can be put in a blender with a bit of sugar added to it. Strain the juice, and add crushed ice and drink in the pummelo juice.

•    Add pummelo slices to your fruit salad and entreat yourself to the blushful pink adorning the salad of fruits.

So enjoy the citrus value of this king-size fruit from our tips on how to eat pummelo and get ready to revel in the juicy squirts,  with a scent so delightfully citrus and fruity!

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How To Eat Pummelo?