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How to eat mangosteen?

mangosteen-health secrets revealedIt is no wonder that mangosteen enjoys the crown as the queen of fruits (for the flavor and health benefits it bears) close to its better half, the mango. If you wish to enjoy its devine and sublime flavors of health then learning how to eat mangosteen will reveal the secrets of a fruit enthroned in royalty.

Eating mangosteen, the royal way

Mangosteen fruit is small in size and purple in color and has a rind, similar to the pomegranate. Its pulp is a look-alike of garlic, white/off-white in color, with cloves converging at a common-point. Well, let not the resemblance to a pungent spice be a turn-off, because mangosteen eats away those “cloves of doubt” in no time with its delectable flavor stored in the pulp.


Tips on how to eat mangsoteen

•    Take a mangsoteen, which is completely ripe (green ones are unripe and purple color indicates full ripeness).

•    Take a sharp knife and cut along the equator of the mangosteen. Make sure not to cut too deep so as to injure the fruit. This is a vital step while cutting the fruit as a single miss will spoil the sport of eating mangosteen.

•    Once you have cut the fruit, give it a twist from both ends so that the rind slits into two to expose the pulp.

•    You will come across 5-6 small segments of the fruit or even 4 large segments. Don’t feel disappointed if the segments are small as the probability of finding a seed in the small “clove” is very low compared to their larger counterparts, the seeds being inedible.

•    Eat the mangosteen “clove” by “clove”. Chew on the succulence of the fruit and enjoy the juicy squirts.

•    But do not forget to discard the seed and be careful about the rind’s “inkiness” getting rubbed off on your dress as it can cause stubborn stains.

Eating mangosteen the succulent way

•    Mangosteen juice is quite popular and can be made from the pulp of the fruit. Commercially made mangosteen juice is also becoming widely popular.

•    The fruit segments can also be added to fresh fruit salad for you to enjoy an extra punch of health through the fruit.

•    Most of the Thai culinary preparation uses mangosteen juice to prepare savory dishes.

•    Give your citrus jelly a –pep-up from mangosteen juice by topping the jelly with the fresh fruit juice.

•    The mangosteen flavor also works well with granita.

Healthful facts about eating mangosteen

The “queen of fruits” is enriched with xanthones- a key ingredient in herbal anti-depressant medicines. The tannin component present in the rind of the fruit is also another attribute, which gives mangosteen the “super fruit” status.

With the health attributes and the irresistibly succulent flavor attached to the fruit, how to eat mangosteen helps you savor the “twin-delight” of both these qualities.

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How To Eat Mangosteen?