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How To Eat Durian?

Durian - the hull and the pulp

If you are not daunted by the strong smell of the thorny husked and humongous sized fruit from South East Asia, then these tips on how to eat durian will surely come in handy to relish the exotic flavor.


Various ways to eat durian

 If the uninviting smell of the fruit and its outer cover, which very much carries the “I can be offensive” attitude makes you raring to go and eat the durian, here are a few tips:

•    Make your pick of the durian. With the durian it is always a matter of personal preference as to the texture and flavor of the pulp. The young durian’s pulp is firm and crispy in texture with a mild flavor, whereas the matured ones have a creamy flesh, with a flavor that’s a mix of alcoholic and aromatic accent. But ensure to make your pick of fresh durians which is indicated by  a thick strong stem and also, the seeds inside the fruit will rattle when given a shake.

•    The next step on how to eat durian is to crack open the husk. Here you look for seams on the husk which can offer leverage to you at the time of cutting the fruit. Using a sharp knife make a deep cut into the husk of the durian, which is at least 8 to 9 inches long. The cut should cover at least 3/4th of the circumference of the fruit.

•    Using the cut as a lever use both your hands to pull apart at two halves of the fruit. If you can stand at the waft of odor at this point of time, you have passed the acid test,  then eating a durian wouldn’t be a battle of the nerves!

•    If the durian is not very ripe, with one-half of the fruit, make a cut along the divider, which passes through the center of the fibrous husk. Pull the sections apart to get one half of the edible portion  of the fruit, whose color will range from pale yellow to red

•    Now repeat the process with the other half of the fruit.

•    Scoop out the flesh with a spoon and eat the durian out of hand, savoring every bit of the enjoyable pulp.


Some tips while eating durian

•    Create your own tropical exotica by making a fruit salad of durian, pineapple, papaya and garnishing it with coconut.

•    Enjoy a frozen dessert with the durian by slicing pieces of the flesh to top your ice cream.

Other ways of eating the durian

Durian buns, pancakes along with a mélange of other desserts can be made using this fruit.

The Durian experience results in a fruit of extremes - either you love it or hate it. So if you have fallen in love with this fruit and are exploring ways on how to eat durian just recall our tips but remember that while you carry your ‘love’ around the world, watch out for signs, which say “No Durian”.

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How To Eat Durian?