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How To Eat Rambutan?

Rambutan- fruit and pulpThe rambutan can never go unnoticed especially because the fruit with its grizzly red skin sometimes spiked makes you wonder as to whether the fruit can be eaten; if so, how to eat rambutan? The fruit is quite popular in South East Asian countries especially Thailand and do not mistake it for a dormant red-colored porcupine because of its skin because beneath the “ward-off-predators” skin is the soft, supple pulp with a striking resemblance to the lychee fruit, or even an over-sized grape. The pulp tastes much like a grape.


Explore the rambutan to experience the best

Squeeze the flavor to eat the Rambutan

  • Here the fruit with its skin is given a gentle yet firm squeeze till there develops a fissure in the skin and the pulp pops out partially.


  • Pull the remaining part of the skin and eat the rambutan bite by bite, till you hit upon the seed, which has to be discarded.


Precision technique to eat rambutan

  • Locate a natural fissure or seam in the skin of the rambutan, and tear the skin apart from the seam.

  • Remove the peel fully and enjoy that one goblet of pulp, chewing it with much relish.

  • Discard the seed once you are satiated.

  • Or, make an incision on the skin with a knife but be sure not to cut in deep into the seed as it may spoilsport with your zest on how to eat Rambutan.

  • Apply gentle pressure to squeeze the fruit out. 

  • Eat the fruit around the seed. Bite into the pulp but be careful as to not to bite in too deep to avoid the seed.


An additional tip on eating rambutan

  • Eat the rambutan bite by bite or simply pop it in if it’s small enough in size, chew on the pulp and then discard the seed.


Other ways on eating rambutan – add fun to the “frills

  • If you want add a dash of creativity to the ways of eating rambutan serve it with a difference.

  • While entreating your child to this fruit, remove one half of the skin of the fruit and place the fruit upside down with the skin side forming the torso of a 'goblin' with fierce, fiery hair. Do this to the entire lot in the bowl and tell your little one that he will be the strongest if he gobbles up the goblins and spits out the remains(seed).


  • Make it a part of fruit salads and enjoy the fruit-mélange with a dash from the rambutan flavor.


  • Rambutan can also be used in a wide range of tropical desserts and makes a great combination with lychee and longan.


  • The next time you venture into the tropical greens and encounter this red- grizzly hangings amidst the greens, don’t take it for a camouflage from a new-breed of porcupines, because our tips on how to eat rambutan simply cracks open the “seed”of nature’s secrets! 


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How To Eat Rambutan?