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How To Eat Oyster

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How to eat oysters

While many of us love eating oysters, very few of us are aware of the correctness of how to eat oyster. If you are not aware about the correct process, cutting the shells and eating the oysters could be very difficult. So, we bring to you the proper step-by-step oyster eating method. Just follow the guidelines to make sure that you have a nice experience while eating the oysters.



Steps To Eat Oysters Properly


1. Firstly, begin with sorting all the oysters and choose the ones that are forcefully closed. Throw away the opened ones, since they are inedible.

2. Nicely wash the oysters right before you are ready to serve them. Hold them down using a soft cloth next to a flat surface.

3. Take an oyster knife along with hand guard and properly insert the knife tip inside the small size hole at the oyster shell hinge. Twist the knife and try to push it inside the shell in order to crack the hinge.

5. After that, you should angle the knife towards upside as you push it more inside. This helps in cutting the oyster abductor muscle that grasp the oyster in the shell. Then, in order to conserve the oyster juices, you should eradicate the top shell keeping the bottom shell flat. Then, again cut the abductor muscle gripping the oysters inside bottom shell. This makes the oysters ready to be served.

6. Then comes the serving part. You must serve the oysters right away over a heap of crushed ice.

7. Pick the oyster shell up, keeping it flat so as not to spill the juices. Hold it so that the smooth edge of the shell is facing towards you.

8. Lastly, tip the oyster shell upwards and allow the oyster slide in your mouth along with oyster juices.


Some More Tips On How To Eat Oyster


1. To spice up the oyster and it’s flavor, you can try squeezing some fresh lemon juice on the top. A spoon full of shallot vinegar can also change the flavor for good.

2. Oysters are wide known for their health quotient. Therefore, they are very expensive as well. Oysters in the ocean would be one of the tastiest and cheapest options you have.

3. You can even try to lightly chew the oysters unlike the popular trend of swallowing.


All these tips on how to eat oyster will surely make things easy for everyone. So, now you just need enjoy eating oysters.  


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How To Eat Oyster