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How To Eat Crawfish

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All people who have never had the pleasure of tasting the delightful Crawfish are missing on the real taste of seafood. However, this delicious mud-based delicacy is extremely messy and hard to eat. So, it is very important for all amateur crawfish eaters that they learn the proper process of eating this dish before trying their hands on. Extracting the meat from crawfish is quite a tedious task. So, here are the easiest steps on how to eat crawfish.


Correct Method To Eat Crawfish

Step 1. Initially, pinch the head of the fish using one hand and the tail of the fish with the other hand. Now, do some twisting and wiggling to remove the tail. Also, be careful while doing this.

Step 2. Now, keep the head on a side. Secondly, pinch all over the body of the fish in order to crack the shell. Then, remove the shell.

Step 3. Holding the tail meat, pull back the flap of skin on top to de-vein.

Step 4. Eat beautiful tail meat.

Step 5. Now comes the head. You must notice that the shell on the head forms a casing around the top. You want to pull that off the bottom half by lifting.

Step 6. In the shell of the head, you’ll find luxurious crawfish butter. You can also suck on the other half of the head. It’s quite juicy.

Step 7. Don’t forget the claws. For little ones, just suck on them like lobster legs. Some of these crawfish were huge enough and you could crack open the claws and get nice claw meat out.

Tips For Eating Crawfish

While consuming crawfish, you don't have to remove the tail peel. It is very important to learn the correct technique, as sitting with you will finish eating crawfish five times as many as you do. First of all, the break must head and discard it. People even try to throw the heads and use the appetizing meat from the larger claws. After cracking the fish head off, you need to place the thumb over the ejection button, which is located near the tail of the crawfish.

These are some of the tips and techniques on how to eat crawfish. So, now that you know  the exact process, you must order some authentic seafood like crawfish.  


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How To Eat Crawfish