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How To Eat Lobster

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how to eat lobster


Lobsters are undoubtedly one of the most expensive and appreciated seafoods of all. However, eating a lobster could be a very difficult experience, specially for all those who don’t know the proper process. So, here's how to eat lobster and get your dinner.


Lobster: The Ultimate Seafood Delight

Lobsters have juicy white meat that is found in the claws, tail, and knuckles of the lobster. You can even found meat in different body parts like legs. The tail section has a specific red material is also considered as a delicacy. Apart from the red material, lobster also contains some edible greenish material in the body. This greenish material is basically the liver of the lobster. All the shells present in the body of a lobster are the obstacles to get that juice and flavorful meat.

Tips to Eat Lobster

1. First of all, let the lobster cool down a bit after cooking.

2. Start eating the lobster by eradicating the large claws from its body. You should twist the claws to take them off from the joints.

3. After that, just crack the claws. The best idea would be to use a nutcracker for cracking the claws. Some other tools for cracking the claws are small cooking hammer, heavy chef's knife or perhaps a rock.

4. Now, turn the body towards the back side. As soon as you start bending the body, it will crack. Now, you can easily remove the tail. Also, smash off the small flippers generally found on the tail.

5. Then push meat present in the tail out to take it out from the tail. Also, make sure that you remove it in one piece. Moreover, don’t forget to take out and discard the black vein from the tail.

6. You can eat the lobster meat with melted butter.

7. Locate the green colored lobster liver and discard it. This liver can also be used to make sauces.

8. The female lobsters have a coral-colored roe that can also be consumed.

9. Break the body apart in order to get the remaining meat from the lobster.

10. Lobster is rich with meat. Even a small walking leg is in high demand. In case the lobster weighs a lot more as compared 2 kg, it is very important to push a skewer inside the legs to get some more meat.

This is he best way how to eat lobster . So the next time you visit some authentic seafood restaurants, don’t be afraid of ordering some delicious lobster.

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How To Eat Lobster