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How To Eat Olive?

Olives- green and black

There is something exotic about olives that make it transcend culture and cuisines making people from far and wide wanting to learn how to eat olive and savor the nutrient-eich fruit. The fruit’s extract namely the olive oil is something to reckon with considering its immense health potential, unraveled by scientific research. The fruit can also be relished in many ways than one can imagine.


Let us learn the different ways to eat olives

Olives come in green and black. The black olives are the edible ones as they are fully ripe and don’t taste as bitter as their unripe green counterparts. And they come in varying sizes from round to ellipsoidal. All olives go through a process of curing only after which they are fit for consumption. How to eat olives as is?

 Olives available in the market are already brined. So what’s to learn is the way you eat.

•    Transfer the olives to a bowl, the quantity being what you would like to eat.

•    Take one olive at a time and if it’s small enough immerse it in your mouth and chew on the pulp. Discard the pit once you are done.

•    Another way of eating the olive(if its big) is to take it bite by bite by holding the fruit horizontally, and rotating the fruit along its axis for the next bite. Continue this till the flesh is fully bitten away and you hit the pit.

•    If you are keen on etiquette, you can also eat olives with a toothpick Prick one olive, immerse it in your mouth and chew on the fruit till you encounter the pit. Spit the pit out in your napkin and push to one corner of your plate.

Eating olives in different ways

•    Slice the olives into rings, sprinkle it on mozzarella cheese and bake till the cheese melts. The combo of flavors rising from the olive and cheese is sure to be a delight.

•    Pitted olives can be part of vegetable salads as their flavor enhances both the taste and health factor as well.

•    Olive pickles are a popular way to make the fruits last long and are tasty to eat as well.

•    Green olives can be stuffed with various fillings such as onions, capers, anchovies, jalapeños and almonds.

Eating olives, the topping way

•    Pizzas or pastas topping them with olives give the extra ounce of flavor for the dish.

•    Olives is most popularly used in Mediterranean cuisine as a topping or as an ingredient as well.

•    Add olives it your veggie sandwich to get that zing in flavor.

•    Olive slices can also be used to complement beef casserole dishes.

How to eat olive is no longer a culinary riddle as the tips mentioned above simply pit the fruit to show the different ways to enjoy the pulp of the fruit.

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How To Eat Olive?