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Healthy Snacks Before Bed

healthy snackingSnacking before bed can help induce sleep especially for those who suffer from sleeplessness. A few tips on healthy snacks before bed can just do wonders to your system and your brain to help you settle down to sweet slumber.

Healthy before bed snacks

Healthy snacks before bedtime should mainly comprise complex carbohydrates with calcium (which catalyses the production of melatonin), in combination with nerve-soothing chemicals such as tryptophan.

Here is a look-up:

•    Warm milk: Low-fat warm milk can be taken as a healthy snack before bed. Milk being rich in calcium helps in the synthesis of sleep-inducing neurotransmitters(from tryptophan to melatonin)

•    Banana: a fruit in the way of a banana taken with a glass of milk can do wonder in bringing your brain to a restive state. Bananas are rich in tryptophan that helps in the synthesis of serotonin (brain-calming chemical). Apart from this, bananas also contain magnesium which help in muscular relaxation and potassium, which has a sedative effect.

•    Peanut butter: A slice of whole-grain bread with a spread of peanut butter is a healthy snack before bed as peanuts are rich in tryptophan,  calcium and complex carbohydrates- all conducive to induce calming effects for the brain.

•    Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a rich source of complex carbohydrates apart from containing vitamin B6(crucial for production of neurotransmitters), melatonin, and calcium. Oatmeal with milk is the ideal combination as a before bed healthy snack. Here the complex carbohydrate content will stimulate the production of insulin enabling blood glucose to enter in to the cells, which work better to transmit tryptophan to the brain.

•    Turkey: Turkeys have long been considered a health-food and they very well synchronize with the “good night, sweet dreams” tone as they are rich in tryptophan and other amino acids. So, a small-to-medium helping of turkey on a slice of bread toast is one option of healthy snacks before bed.

It is important that nerve-stimulators such as colas, caffeine and cocoa should be kept away from as they tend to disrupt a normal sleep-cycle.

The above list of healthy snacks before bed is best eaten an hour before retiring to bed, so that the synthesis of the necessary chemicals such as tryptophan is given ample time to give the desired effect – blissful slumber!

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Healthy Snacks Before Bed