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Healthy Eating Habits For Teenagers


kickstart healthy eatingTeens spell screams of rebellion and also the silent protest in the matter of food but some tips on healthy eating habits for teens can help to build a healthy system, which is so very vital during those adolescent years.


Healthy eating for teenagers and its importance

The importance of healthy eating for teenagers should be well highlighted, as growth-spurt is high during this phase of life and, all the nutritive inputs during the time give a strong healthy foundation in adulthood. The onus remains on the food groups and the food pyramid with 3 meals and in-between snacking

So here are a few tips to encourage healthy eating habits for teenagers:

•    Avoid skipping meals: Teenagers are usually carried away by the fast-track lifestyle where food is overtaken by other priorities. Consequently they tend to skip meals (especially breakfast) and later binge on whatever is available on- the- go. So it becomes imperative to teach them to stick to 3 meals-routine along with in-between snacking in a day.

•    Prepare food the healthy way: Developing healthy eating habits for teenagers should primarily start from cooking healthy. Baking, grilling, boiling steaming are healthier cooking techniques compared to frying, deep-frying.; topping in the way of herbs and spices is a better alternative to adding butter, margarine and mayonnaise.

•    Sugar, not so sweet: Much as sweet-tooth indulgence becomes common amongst teenagers especially when they are bored or tired or just want to “chill”, try presenting healthier options in the way of fruit drinks with sugar-alternatives instead of colas and caffeinated drinks with hoards of sugar.

•    Don’t bite more than you can chew: The “Slap-dash” manner is very much synonymous with teens. Taking smaller chewable bites at a time and eating slowly can help understand the signals of fullness and appetite-satiety better. This will prevent both under eating and

overeating as well.

•    Water with every drop to drink: Make it a practice to drink lots of fluids and even water forms part of a teenager’s healthy eating habits, because with all the healthful eating, water as the solvent carries the food to all parts of the body, and also sustain the energy.

•    Calorie-counts don’t count: Dieting, and watching over those pounds should be pushed outside the boundary of a teenager’s mental frame. The focus should be on healthy eating and weight management through exercise (more of outdoor activity and less of idling in front of the idiot box). Nutrition inputs, as mentioned, should be optimized at this stage.

Parents can always be role-models for their growing teens to encourage healthy eating habits in them and the way they act responsible can always create a sense of discipline in all aspects in the space called “Home”; combating all negative influences!

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Healthy Eating Habits For Teenagers