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How To Eat Crab

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How to eat crab

This blog is to make everyone learn how to eat crabs without any mess.


Crabs: Delicious Seafood

Crabs are one of delicious seafood items. As much as crabs are delicious, they are equally messy while eating. The most troublesome part is controlling the crab legs. However if you know the correct process, you can very quickly open the crab legs and prepare them to eat. The correct process takes minimal effort. So, here we are discussing how to eat crab effortlessly.


Tips How To Eat Crabs

Following are some simple tips that will make your next crab eating experience much easier and trouble free:

1. First of all, you need to prepare the table. Eating crab dishes are always messy. So, you must lay down some heavy Kraft paper or old newspaper in order to protect the table from absorbing the juices. This will also make the later clean up easier for you.

2. You might need a crab mallet, a claw cracker and dull knife in some cases.

3. All Blue crabs must be steamed. Steaming always changes the color of the crab to deep red. You can even put a layer of seasoning right before steaming.

4. Now, all the legs and claws are pulled off using a twisting motion. A dull knife can also be used in the joint to turn the removal much easier. There are times when meat might come out with the leg right. You must eat it.

5. After that, toss the fin or legs of the crab and save the claws.

6. Now, slowly turn the crab on back side and open the crab apron. Take the top half and the bottom half in your hands just like opening a PB&J sandwich, and slowly pull off top body shell of the crab. Make sure and do this very slowly to avoid any mess. Now, toss the top shell again.

7. Now, take the bottom half and evenly break it into two pieces. In case you are utilizing your own hands for breaking the shells, you need to press down some more in order to break the chambers. After that, pull them apart.

8. You will now notice the exposed meat. You can use the fingers just to pull out the meat. A knife can also be used to get the meat out.

10. Lastly, cracking the claws is very important. You can easily do this by utilizing hinged cracker. Hit them using either the crab mallet, or just  with  a simple knife.

These are the simple tips and techniques of how to eat crab in a trouble free way. Make sure you follow these tips while indulging in crabs next time. 

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How To Eat Crab