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How To Eat Quince

Quince - quirky flavors

How to eat Quince - the fruit crowned as the “jelly-maker” because of its high pectin content(the essential component for making jellies)? The tart, astringent flavor of the quince need not be a turn-off, because when cooked the fruit tastes as delicious as any other nature's pick. Read on to find more about eating quince.


Ways To Eat Quince - Cook & Eat



  • Make your pick of quince, which is ripe. The ripe ones are pale yellow in color and bear a close resemblance to pears.


  • Give the quince a nice wash under running water to get rid of the dust and grime.


  • With a knife, peel the outer skin of the quince.


  • Cut the quince into halves to expose the core and the seeds. And with a spoon scoop out the seeds and the core.


  • Cut thin slices or wedges of the quince and put them in boiling water with sugar added to it.


  • If you want to eat the quince real soft then heat the quince pieces till they turn pink.


  • With the quince turned supple, transfer them to a bowl or plate and eat it with a fruit fork.


Chronicling How To Eat Quince


Native to the Caucasus and Persian region, the quince assumed popularity in the Mediterranean cuisine. The deciduous tree now thrives well in sub tropical climates such as Mexico and South America.


In medieval times, eating quince was a royal affair where the fruit was pepped with ginger, nutmeg, cloves, pepper and cinnamon.


Eating quince marmalade wrapped in a gold foil was always considered an aphrodisiac.


Quince jelly was always a popular dessert at royal banquets and still retains its fame as "jelly-maker".


Eating Quince For The Right Flavor


  • Quince’s tart flavor finds its use to subdue the flavors of greasy rich preparations of meat and fowl dishes.
  • Quince stews are a popular accompaniment to meat dishes in Persian cooking
  • Quince sauce is a classic accompaniment to partridge in the English dining.
  • Eating quince slices along with French roast quail doubles the love for the exotic French dish as it simply oozes with flavor.


The next time you dig into your apple pie, try topping it with quince slices before you set it for baking and enjoy the trio of flavors(sweet, spicy, tart) titillating your taste buds.


With the above tips on how to eat quince, the fruit’s assumed quaintness goes behind the rich plethora of flavors that come out when you cook and eat it!

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How To Eat Quince